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The Unwelcome Elements of Home Design: Unveiling Common Interior Design Peeves


Every homeowner strives to create a living space that aligns with their personal preferences and exudes comfort. However, certain design choices, often considered outdated or unconventional, can evoke a sense of dissatisfaction among many individuals. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive list of common home design elements that elicit an adverse reaction in many homeowners.

Outdated Lighting Fixtures:

  • Brass Chandeliers: Oversized brass chandeliers, once a staple of traditional homes, have lost their allure for many homeowners. Their ornate designs and excessive size can overwhelm modern spaces, casting an unflattering light.
  • Fluorescent Lighting: Harsh and uninviting, fluorescent lighting has no place in contemporary homes. Its clinical appearance creates an unpleasant and sterile atmosphere, making it unsuitable for spaces intended for relaxation.

Inefficient Storage Solutions:

  • Oversized Armoires: Bulky armoires, often used for storage in older homes, are both visually unappealing and impractical. Their large size can dominate a room, while their limited accessibility makes it challenging to retrieve items.
  • Cluttered Closets: Disorganized and overflowing closets are a nightmare for any homeowner. They not only hinder accessibility but also create an unsightly mess, contributing to an overall sense of chaos.

Unattractive Flooring Options:

  • Shag Carpeting: Shag carpeting, synonymous with the 1970s, has fallen out of favor due to its impracticality and unhygienic nature. Its long fibers trap dirt and allergens, making it unsuitable for households with pets or individuals with allergies.
  • Laminate Flooring with Obvious Seams: Low-quality laminate flooring, with its visible seams and artificial appearance, detracts from the aesthetic appeal of a home. It lacks the warmth and authenticity of natural materials, such as hardwood or stone.

Outdated Wall Treatments:

  • Popcorn Ceilings: This textured ceiling treatment, popular in the 1950s and 1960s, has become a relic of the past. Its uneven surface collects dust and dirt, making it difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Floral Wallpapers with Overpowering Patterns: Busy floral wallpapers, once a symbol of Victorian elegance, have become overwhelming and dated in modern homes. Their intricate patterns can visually clutter a space, making it feel smaller and more crowded.

Unfunctional Kitchen Appliances:

  • Undersized Ovens: Underpowered ovens that struggle to accommodate large dishes or bake evenly are a major inconvenience for homeowners who enjoy cooking. Their limited capacity can make meal preparation a time-consuming and frustrating task.
  • Outdated Refrigerators: Refrigerators with inefficient designs and limited storage space fall short of meeting the needs of modern households. Their outdated features and lack of customization options make them both impractical and unsightly.

Uncomfortable Furniture:

  • Overstuffed Sectionals: Cumbersome overstuffed sectionals, while offering ample seating, often create a cluttered and uninviting atmosphere. Their large size can overwhelm a room, making it difficult to move around and navigate.
  • Recliners with Obtrusive Footrests: Recliners with footrests that extend far into the room can obstruct traffic flow, creating a tripping hazard and making a space feel cramped. Their bulky design and lack of versatility detract from the overall aesthetic.

Unflattering Finishes:

  • Orange Oak Wood: Orange-toned oak wood, popular in the 1980s and 1990s, has become a symbol of outdated decor. Its warm hue can make a room feel dated and cramped, especially when paired with other dated design elements.
  • Glossy Finishes on Kitchen Cabinets: High-gloss finishes on kitchen cabinets, once considered chic and modern, are now seen as garish and impractical. Their shiny surfaces can reflect light, creating an overwhelming and unpleasant glare.

Other Pet Peeves:

Beyond these specific elements, homeowners also expressed a dislike for:

  • Open Concept Floor Plans: While popular in recent years, open concept floor plans can create a lack of privacy and make it difficult to define separate spaces within a home.
  • Floating Shelves with Clutter: Floating shelves, intended to display cherished items, often become cluttered with various objects, creating a visually overwhelming and untidy appearance.
  • Supersized Wall Art: Oversized wall art can dominate a space, making it feel cluttered and overwhelming. It can also detract from the other design elements in a room.
  • Excessive Throw Pillows: An abundance of throw pillows can create a messy and uninviting atmosphere. Too many pillows can make it uncomfortable to sit or lie down, and they can also trap dust and allergens.
  • Fake Plants: While artificial plants can add a touch of greenery to a space, they often lack the vibrant color and texture of natural plants, making them appear cheap and unauthentic.

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