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Alexander Volkov Sheds Light on In-Fight Hair Styling and Altercation with Sergei Pavlovich


In a recent fight that garnered considerable attention, Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov showcased an unusual spectacle during the bout – he took a moment to style his hair in the middle of the match. After the fight, he engaged in a heated exchange with his opponent, Sergei Pavlovich.

Mid-Fight Hair Styling

During the first round of his encounter with Pavlovich, Volkov abruptly paused the action and reached for his hairbrush, which was attached to his shorts. He meticulously combed and styled his hair, drawing bewildered looks from the audience and commentators.

Volkov later explained his unusual behavior, stating that he habitually grooms his hair before, during, and after fights. He attributed it to a sense of ritual and a way to maintain focus. Volkov emphasized that it's not a superstition but rather a routine that helps him stay composed in the cage.

Post-Fight Beef with Pavlovich

After the fight, tensions escalated when Volkov approached Pavlovich to shake hands as a gesture of sportsmanship. However, Pavlovich rebuffed Volkov's offer, resulting in a verbal altercation.

Volkov expressed disappointment at Pavlovich's refusal to engage in the customary post-fight handshake. He suggested that Pavlovich's behavior stemmed from a perceived slight during the fight. According to Volkov, Pavlovich had allegedly disrespected him by speaking derogatorily about his hair styling.

Pavlovich, on the other hand, claimed that he was not aware of Volkov's habit of grooming his hair mid-fight. He stated that he was focused on the fight and did not pay attention to any distractions. Pavlovich denied any intention to disrespect Volkov and downplayed the significance of the incident.

Underlying Issues

The animosity between Volkov and Pavlovich is believed to extend beyond the post-fight interaction. Sources close to both fighters have hinted at a lingering rivalry that predates this particular bout.

Volkov, known for his cerebral and technical approach to fighting, is often perceived as a more seasoned and experienced fighter than Pavlovich, who is regarded as a rising star with a devastating knockout power. This perceived disparity could have contributed to the tension between the two heavyweights.

Fallout from the Altercation

The incident has sparked a heated debate within the MMA community. Some have criticized Volkov for his unusual behavior, while others have defended his right to express himself in the cage. The post-fight altercation has also raised questions about the importance of sportsmanship and respect in combat sports.

Volkov's Response to Criticism

Volkov has remained unapologetic in the face of criticism. He maintains that his hair styling is an integral part of his fight preparation and helps him perform at his best. He has also emphasized that he respects all his opponents, but that doesn't mean he has to accept disrespectful behavior.

Pavlovich's Explanation

Pavlovich has downplayed the incident, attributing it to a misunderstanding. He insists that he has no personal animosity towards Volkov and that his post-fight actions were not intended as an insult.


The in-fight hair styling and post-fight altercation between Alexander Volkov and Sergei Pavlovich have generated significant buzz in the MMA world. While the exact reasons for the incident remain unclear, it has highlighted the importance of sportsmanship and respect in combat sports. Whether or not these two heavyweights can reconcile their differences remains to be seen, but the episode has certainly left a lasting impression on the MMA community.

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