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Verso: Friends and Family


Exhibition at Red Hook, Brooklyn

May 30 - October 13, 2024

An Exploration of Community, Creativity, and Connection

Verso, a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists, presents "Friends and Family," an exhibition that delves into the profound bonds and collaborative spirit that fuel the Brooklyn art scene. This immersive exhibition will be held at Red Hook in Brooklyn from May 30 to October 13, 2024.

The Exhibition

"Friends and Family" showcases a diverse range of works by 25 emerging and established artists, each with unique perspectives and artistic styles. The exhibition explores the interconnectedness of these artists and the ways in which their personal relationships and shared experiences shape their creative processes.

The featured artworks encompass a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and mixed media. Visitors will encounter installations that evoke the intimacy of living spaces and invite reflection on the complexities of human connection.

Community and Collaboration

At the heart of "Friends and Family" is the idea of community. The exhibition celebrates the collaborative spirit that fosters innovation and growth within the Brooklyn art world. The participating artists have worked alongside each other in studios, shared ideas, and supported each other's artistic journeys.

The exhibition space itself becomes a meeting ground, where artists and visitors alike can engage in meaningful conversations and forge new connections. Through workshops, artist talks, and public programs, "Friends and Family" invites the community to participate in the creative process and explore the transformative power of art.

Featured Artists

Among the notable artists featured in "Friends and Family" are:

  • Kara Walker: Renowned for her thought-provoking explorations of race, gender, and historical narratives.
  • Kerry James Marshall: Celebrated for his vibrant and evocative depictions of African American life.
  • Julie Mehretu: Known for her abstract compositions that merge elements of painting, drawing, and collage.
  • Lorna Simpson: A pioneering photographer who examines themes of identity, representation, and the female gaze.
  • Theaster Gates: A multidisciplinary artist who transforms found objects and recycled materials into poignant and politically charged artworks.

Curatorial Perspective

The exhibition is curated by Shantell Martin, Verso's Executive Director, and Rujeko Hockley, a renowned curator and writer. Martin emphasizes the importance of fostering connections between artists and building a supportive community within the art world. Hockley sheds light on the personal narratives and intimate dynamics that have shaped the artists' creative practices.

Social Impact

Beyond its aesthetic and educational value, "Friends and Family" also serves as a platform for social impact. The exhibition aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities facing emerging artists.
  • Foster a sense of inclusivity and representation within the art world.
  • Inspire conversations about the role of community and collaboration in fostering artistic growth.

Exhibition Details

Dates: May 30 - October 13, 2024 Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn Address: To be announced Admission: Free and open to the public

Additional Information

  • The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue featuring essays by renowned art critics and curators.
  • Educational programs for students, families, and community groups will be offered throughout the duration of the exhibition.
  • "Friends and Family" is made possible through the generous support of individual and institutional donors, as well as public funding.

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