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Avoid Aquatic Frolics: Forest Park Forever Issues Advisory against Swimming in Kerth Fountain


Forest Park Forever, the esteemed non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of St. Louis' iconic Forest Park, has issued an urgent advisory cautioning against swimming or wading in Kerth Fountain. This picturesque water feature, gracing the park's eastern entrance, poses significant health risks to those who venture into its depths.

Contaminated Waters: A Health Hazard

Kerth Fountain's waters are a breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms, rendering them unsafe for human contact. The presence of fecal coliform bacteria, an indicator of sewage contamination, is particularly concerning. Swimming or wading in these contaminated waters can lead to a range of health issues, including gastrointestinal distress, skin infections, and respiratory problems.

Architectural Integrity at Risk

Beyond the health hazards, swimming in Kerth Fountain also poses a threat to its architectural integrity. The fountain's intricate stonework and delicate sculptures are susceptible to damage from the constant splashing and erosion caused by swimmers. Preserving the fountain's pristine condition is essential to maintaining its historical and aesthetic significance.

Respecting Boundaries: Ensuring Public Safety

Forest Park Forever emphasizes the importance of respecting the boundaries established to protect both public health and the fountain's preservation. Swimming and wading are strictly prohibited, as are any other activities that compromise the fountain's safety or cleanliness.

Alternative Recreational Options Abound

While swimming is not permitted in Kerth Fountain, Forest Park offers a plethora of alternative recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy. The park's extensive trail network invites hikers and bikers to explore its natural beauty, while playgrounds and picnic areas provide spaces for family fun and relaxation.

Cooperation and Enforcement

Forest Park Forever urges the public to cooperate with park regulations and refrain from swimming or wading in Kerth Fountain. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will be patrolling the area to enforce the advisory and ensure the safety of visitors.

Preserving a St. Louis Landmark

Kerth Fountain is not only a beloved park feature but also a significant cultural landmark for St. Louis. By avoiding swimming or wading in the fountain, visitors can contribute to its preservation and ensure its continued enjoyment for generations to come.

Comprehensive Guidance

For further information and guidance on the advisory against swimming in Kerth Fountain, Forest Park Forever encourages visitors to refer to the following resources:

  • Forest Park Forever website:
  • Forest Park Police Department: (314) 593-3287
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department: (314) 231-1212


Forest Park Forever's advisory against swimming or wading in Kerth Fountain serves as a reminder of the importance of public health and the preservation of our shared cultural heritage. By respecting the boundaries established for Kerth Fountain, visitors can ensure their own well-being and contribute to the protection of this beloved St. Louis landmark.

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