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Nottingham Forest Acquires Freehold of Historic City Ground



Nottingham Forest Football Club has secured the freehold of its iconic City Ground stadium, marking a significant milestone in the club's long and storied history. The acquisition brings an end to a long-standing leasehold arrangement, granting the club full ownership of its home ground.


The City Ground has been the home of Nottingham Forest since 1898, serving as a hallowed venue that has witnessed countless memorable matches and moments. However, the club has held the stadium under a 999-year lease from the former owners, the Taylor family.

Negotiations and Acquisition:

Over the past few years, Nottingham Forest has been engaged in negotiations with the Taylor family to acquire the freehold of the City Ground. The club's persistent efforts have finally come to fruition, with a deal being agreed upon in June 2024. The club has paid £35 million to the Taylor family for the freehold.

Key Points of the Acquisition:

  • Nottingham Forest has acquired the freehold of the City Ground, ending the leasehold arrangement.
  • The club has paid £35 million for the freehold, which represents a significant investment.
  • The acquisition gives Nottingham Forest complete control over its home ground, allowing for future development and modernization.
  • The deal marks a landmark moment in the club's history, securing the long-term future of the City Ground.

Benefits for Nottingham Forest:

The acquisition of the freehold offers numerous benefits to Nottingham Forest:

  • Full Ownership: The club now has full ownership of the City Ground, allowing it to make decisions about its future and development without the constraints of a leasehold arrangement.
  • Financial Flexibility: The freehold provides Nottingham Forest with greater financial flexibility, as it can now use the stadium as a potential source of revenue through development or commercial partnerships.
  • Long-Term Planning: The club can now plan for the future of the City Ground with confidence, ensuring that it remains a state-of-the-art facility for years to come.
  • Enhanced Fan Experience: The freehold gives Nottingham Forest the opportunity to enhance the fan experience at the City Ground by investing in amenities, renovations, and upgraded facilities.

Community Impact:

The acquisition of the freehold is also expected to have a positive impact on the local community:

  • Investment in Infrastructure: The club's investment in the City Ground is likely to lead to further development in the surrounding area, creating jobs and economic growth.
  • Community Engagement: Nottingham Forest is committed to using the City Ground as a hub for community events and programs, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among local residents.
  • Preservation of Heritage: The City Ground is a historic landmark that holds immense sentimental value for the people of Nottingham. The freehold ensures that it will be preserved for future generations.


The acquisition of the freehold of the City Ground is a transformative moment in the history of Nottingham Forest Football Club. It provides the club with full ownership of its iconic home ground, granting it greater control, financial flexibility, and the ability to plan for the future. The deal also has significant benefits for the local community, ensuring the preservation of a cherished landmark and promoting economic development. With the freehold secured, Nottingham Forest looks ahead with confidence to a bright and prosperous future at the City Ground.

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