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Eureka's Design Review Committee Approves Plans for New Senior Living Community and Other Projects


On July 10, 2024, the Eureka Design Review Committee (DRC) convened a public meeting to evaluate and consider the architectural designs of several proposed projects within the city limits. The committee members reviewed the plans, provided feedback, and made recommendations regarding the aesthetic compatibility, functionality, and overall impact of the projects on the surrounding environment.

Pearl Senior Living Community

The most significant project under consideration was the Pearl Senior Living Community, a proposed four-story, 101-unit affordable housing complex for seniors aged 55 and older. The development would be situated on a 1.5-acre site at the corner of Pearl and M streets in the city's central district.

The DRC members expressed support for the project's purpose and design, recognizing the urgent need for affordable senior housing in the community. They praised the architects for incorporating sustainable features, such as energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and a rooftop garden, into the building's design.

However, the committee raised concerns about the project's massing and scale. They suggested that the building be broken down into smaller volumes to create a more visually appealing and pedestrian-friendly streetscape. Additionally, they recommended that the developers explore additional landscaping and public art elements to enhance the site's aesthetic appeal.

Bayside Townhouses

The committee also conducted a review of the design plans for the Bayside Townhouses, a development of 12 townhouses located at the corner of Humboldt and Bayside roads in the city's Waterfront District. The townhouses would range in size from 1,200 to 1,800 square feet and feature modern architectural styles with a mix of stucco, wood, and metal accents.

The DRC members commended the developers for the project's contemporary design and the use of high-quality materials. They also noted the project's compatibility with the surrounding neighborhood, which is characterized by a diverse mix of residential and commercial properties.

However, the committee recommended that the developers reconsider the proposed color scheme for the townhouses, suggesting that the use of brighter colors would create a more vibrant and welcoming street presence.

Other Projects

In addition to the Pearl Senior Living Community and the Bayside Townhouses, the DRC also reviewed plans for the following projects during the meeting:

  • Hotel Eureka: A proposed renovation and expansion of the historic Hotel Eureka, located on Eureka's main street. The project would include the addition of a rooftop bar and restaurant, as well as the upgrade of the hotel's guest rooms and common areas.
  • Vacation Rental Addition: A proposed addition to an existing vacation rental property located on Myrtle Avenue in the city's Old Town District. The addition would consist of a new master suite with a private bathroom.
  • New Commercial Building: A proposed new commercial building located on Fourth Street in the city's Downtown District. The building would house a retail store and office spaces.

DRC Decision-Making Process

The DRC's primary responsibility is to ensure that proposed projects are in harmony with the city's architectural guidelines and design standards. The committee members consider factors such as building scale, massing, materials, and aesthetic compatibility in their evaluations.

The DRC's recommendations are not binding, but they carry significant weight in the city's development process. Developers are encouraged to incorporate the committee's feedback into their project designs before submitting their final applications for building permits.

Community Input

The DRC also values public input and encourages community members to participate in the design review process. During the July 10 meeting, several members of the public provided their feedback on the proposed projects.

Some speakers expressed support for the Pearl Senior Living Community, citing the need for affordable housing for seniors in the area. Others raised concerns about the project's potential impact on traffic and parking in the neighborhood.


The Eureka Design Review Committee played a crucial role in shaping the architectural landscape of the city during its latest meeting. The committee's thoughtful evaluations and recommendations ensured that the proposed projects align with the city's design standards and the community's vision for its built environment.

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