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Design Shanghai 2024: Unraveling the Future of Design


Design Shanghai, a beacon of design innovation in Asia, returns in 2024 with an immersive showcase of cutting-edge creations and thought-provoking concepts. This highly anticipated event serves as a platform for renowned global designers, emerging talents, and industry leaders to converge and redefine the future of design.

Unveiling the Themes of Design Shanghai 2024

The 11th edition of Design Shanghai will explore the transformative power of design under the overarching theme of "Metamorphosis." This multifaceted theme encapsulates the evolution, adaptation, and reinterpretation that have shaped the design landscape and will continue to drive it forward.

Design Shanghai 2024 will delve into three distinct sub-themes that reflect the changing design paradigm:

  1. Metamorphosis of Nature: Explores the harmonious interplay between design and nature, showcasing sustainable materials, biophilic elements, and innovative approaches to environmental stewardship.

  2. Metamorphosis of Technology: Investigates the convergence of design and technology, presenting cutting-edge innovations, smart home solutions, and immersive digital experiences.

  3. Metamorphosis of Living: Examines the evolving nature of living spaces, emphasizing flexibility, adaptability, and personalized design solutions that cater to changing lifestyles.

Highlights of Design Shanghai 2024

The 2024 edition of Design Shanghai promises an array of captivating exhibitions, installations, and talks that will inspire and provoke thought. Among the highlights:

  1. Design Shanghai Trends Showcase: This curated exhibition will unveil the latest design trends and innovations, providing a glimpse into the future of design aesthetics and functionality.

  2. Design Shanghai Installation Showcase: Renowned designers will present thought-provoking installations that explore the boundaries of design and challenge conventional notions.

  3. Design Shanghai Talks: Industry experts, thought leaders, and acclaimed designers will share their insights on the future of design, sustainability, and the impact of technology on creativity.

  4. Design Shanghai Masterpieces: A showcase of exceptional limited-edition and collectible pieces, representing the pinnacle of design craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Participation by International Design Luminaries

Design Shanghai 2024 will welcome a roster of renowned designers from around the world, including:

  1. Patricia Urquiola: The Spanish designer known for her eclectic style and organic forms will unveil her latest creations, encapsulating the fluidity and versatility of design.

  2. Nendo: The Japanese design studio led by Oki Sato will present its minimalist yet highly functional designs that emphasize simplicity and elegance.

  3. Jasper Morrison: The British designer renowned for his practical and enduring designs will showcase his latest work that blends functionality with timeless aesthetics.

  4. Studiopepe: The Italian design duo will present their eclectic and experimental creations that explore the boundaries between art and design.

  5. Wang Shu: The Chinese architect and Pritzker Prize winner will showcase his innovative designs that seamlessly integrate traditional Chinese architecture with contemporary aesthetics.

Emerging Talents and Design Competitions

Design Shanghai 2024 will also provide a platform for emerging talents to showcase their innovative ideas and push the boundaries of design. The following competitions will nurture and celebrate young designers:

  1. Young Design Award: This award recognizes exceptional design talents under the age of 35, providing them with a global stage to showcase their work.

  2. Design Shanghai Design Academy Talents Award: This award supports emerging Chinese design talent by offering mentorship and exhibition opportunities.

  3. Design Shanghai Design Match: This initiative connects emerging designers with established brands, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Sustainability at the Core of Design Shanghai 2024

Sustainability remains a key focus for Design Shanghai 2024. The event will showcase eco-friendly materials, sustainable design practices, and innovative solutions that contribute to a greener future. The "Metamorphosis of Nature" sub-theme will highlight the harmonious relationship between design and the environment.


Design Shanghai 2024 is poised to be a transformative event that will redefine the future of design. Under the overarching theme of "Metamorphosis," the event will showcase innovative creations, facilitate thought-provoking discussions, and nurture emerging talents. With its focus on sustainability and the integration of nature, technology, and living spaces, Design Shanghai 2024 promises to be an unparalleled gathering for design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and anyone passionate about the transformative power of design.

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