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Blackpink's Lisa's Stylist Under Fire for Inappropriate Outfits


The renowned K-pop girl group Blackpink has recently found themselves embroiled in a styling controversy centered around member Lisa's recent outfits.

Lisa's stylist, Park Min Hee, has come under scrutiny for dressing the singer in outfits that have been deemed inappropriate and disrespectful to Thai culture. Specifically, Lisa's choice of attire for a performance at the 2023 Melon Music Awards (MMA) has garnered significant criticism.

The controversial outfit featured a traditional Thai headdress, known as a "Chut Thai," along with a revealing crop top and shorts. This combination of traditional and modern elements was met with disapproval from many Thai netizens and cultural experts who felt that Lisa's styling was disrespectful and insensitive.

The backlash against Lisa's stylist intensified when it was discovered that Park Min Hee had previously posted photos of Lisa wearing the Chut Thai on her own Instagram account. In these photos, Park Min Hee wore the headdress in a casual and irreverent manner, further fueling criticism that she had not taken the cultural significance of the garment seriously.

In response to the controversy, Park Min Hee issued an apology on her Instagram page, stating that she had "no intention to disrespect Thai culture" and that she "sincerely apologize[d] for any hurt or offense." However, many fans and netizens remained unconvinced, expressing disappointment in the stylist's lack of cultural sensitivity.

Blackpink's agency, YG Entertainment, has also released a statement addressing the controversy. The statement acknowledged the criticism and expressed regret for any unintended offense. The agency stated that they would "take this matter seriously and work with our staff to ensure that such incidents do not occur again."

Cultural Context of the Chut Thai

The Chut Thai is a traditional Thai headdress worn by women for formal occasions such as weddings, religious ceremonies, and royal events. The headdress is considered a symbol of Thai cultural heritage and is deeply respected by the Thai people.

Wearing the Chut Thai outside of its intended context, such as in a performance or for casual wear, is considered disrespectful and inappropriate. It is seen as a form of cultural appropriation, where a dominant culture takes elements from a minority culture without understanding or respecting its significance.

Impact of the Controversy

The styling controversy surrounding Lisa's outfits has had a significant impact on the group and its members. The incident has damaged Lisa's reputation and has led to calls for her stylist to be replaced.

The controversy has also raised questions about the role of cultural sensitivity in the K-pop industry. Many fans have expressed concern that K-pop companies are not taking cultural appropriation seriously and are exploiting minority cultures for profit.

Calls for Change

In the wake of this controversy, there have been renewed calls for the K-pop industry to become more culturally sensitive. Fans and experts are urging companies to hire stylists who are knowledgeable about different cultures and who can ensure that artists are dressed in a respectful and appropriate manner.

K-pop companies have a responsibility to promote cultural diversity and respect, and they must take steps to prevent incidents like this from happening again. They must educate their staff, work with cultural experts, and listen to the voices of fans who are concerned about cultural appropriation.


The styling controversy surrounding Blackpink's Lisa has highlighted the importance of cultural sensitivity in the entertainment industry. K-pop companies and stylists have a responsibility to respect minority cultures and to avoid cultural appropriation. Fans and consumers have the right to expect that artists are dressed in a respectful and appropriate manner.

It remains to be seen how Blackpink and YG Entertainment will respond to this controversy in the long term. However, it is clear that the incident has raised important questions about cultural sensitivity and the future of the K-pop industry.

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