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Arcteryx Unveils Indigenous-Inspired Collection, Bridging Heritage and Innovation


In a bold collaboration that transcends boundaries, Arcteryx, the renowned outdoor apparel and equipment company, has unveiled a striking new product line adorned with captivating designs by Indigenous artists. This groundbreaking partnership celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities while pushing the envelope of technical innovation.

A Vision Born of Synergy

Arcteryx's vision for this collection was to create a fusion of art and function, harnessing the artistic talents of Indigenous creators to elevate the technical capabilities of its products. The company reached out to The Indigenous Fashion Arts Council (IFAC), an organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous artists in fashion and arts, to facilitate the collaboration.

The Artists' Canvas: Arcteryx's Technical Fabrics

The Indigenous artists were invited to embellish Arcteryx's high-performance fabrics, transforming them into vibrant canvases for their creative expression. The fabrics provided a unique and challenging medium, requiring the artists to adapt their techniques to the specific properties of technical materials.

Cultural Authenticity and Empowerment

The collaboration prioritized cultural authenticity, ensuring that the artists retained creative control over their designs. Arcteryx provided technical guidance and support, but the ultimate vision and execution remained in the hands of the artists. This approach empowered the Indigenous creators to share their stories and perspectives through their art.

Connecting to Nature

The designs reflect the deep connection Indigenous communities have with the natural world. The patterns, colors, and motifs draw inspiration from nature, evoking the vastness of landscapes, the resilience of wildlife, and the cyclical rhythms of the seasons.

A Platform for Indigenous Voices

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the collection serves as a platform for Indigenous voices. The artists' personal journeys, cultural identities, and artistic perspectives are woven into the fabric of the designs. Arcteryx believes that fashion has the power to amplify marginalized voices and foster greater understanding.

The Stellar Lineup of Artists

The collection features a diverse array of Indigenous artists, each bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the collaboration:

  • Keith Seeton (Raven Reads the Tracks): A Haida artist known for his intricate carvings and printmaking, Seeton's designs for a jacket and backpack draw inspiration from Haida mythology.
  • Floyd Favel (Saddle Lake First Nation): An accomplished Cree artist, Favel's designs for a beanie and gloves incorporate traditional painting techniques and motifs representing his heritage.
  • Melanie Harding (St'át'imc Nation): A talented St'át'imc artist and weaver, Harding's designs for a blanket and scarf explore themes of interconnectedness and matriarchal strength.
  • Sophia Rabliauskas (Gitxsan Nation): A young and emerging Gitxsan artist, Rabliauskas' designs for a vest and pants showcase her vibrant and experimental style, blending traditional imagery with contemporary aesthetics.
  • Pat Nevin (Nisga'a Nation): A master weaver and artist, Nevin's designs for a tote bag and backpack are inspired by Northwest Coast Indigenous art and the stories passed down through generations.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Arcteryx's commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends beyond this collaboration. The company recognizes the importance of fostering a welcoming and respectful workplace for Indigenous employees and collaborating with Indigenous partners.

A Legacy of Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability is at the core of Arcteryx's mission. The Indigenous-designed collection aligns with the company's commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, ensuring that the production process minimizes environmental impact.

The Collection's Impact

The Indigenous-designed collection is not merely a commercial venture; it is a powerful symbol of cultural exchange, creative innovation, and the ongoing journey toward reconciliation between Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous society.

Closing Thoughts

Arcteryx's latest collaboration with Indigenous artists is a testament to the transformative power of art and the importance of bridging cultural divides. The stunning designs pay homage to Indigenous heritage while pushing the boundaries of outdoor apparel and equipment. Through this partnership, Arcteryx has created a collection that both inspires and challenges, inviting us to connect with the beauty of Indigenous culture and embrace the power of collaboration.

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