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2025 BMW M5: An Array of Captivating Colors


The upcoming 2025 BMW M5 promises to turn heads with an array of striking paint options that embody the vehicle's performance-oriented spirit. Each hue has been meticulously chosen to accentuate the car's muscular lines and aggressive stance.

Alpine White

A timeless classic, Alpine White exudes an aura of purity and elegance. Its brilliant sheen perfectly complements the M5's sculpted exterior, enhancing its sleek and athletic profile.

Black Sapphire Metallic

Black Sapphire Metallic is an enigmatic shade that exudes both stealth and sophistication. Its deep, lustrous finish creates a striking contrast to the M5's chrome accents, highlighting its menacing presence.

Brooklyn Grey Metallic

Brooklyn Grey Metallic is a contemporary and versatile color that seamlessly blends sportiness with a touch of sophistication. Its subtle metallic flakes lend a hint of depth and character, making the M5 stand out effortlessly.

Dravit Grey Metallic

Dravit Grey Metallic is a captivating chameleon-like hue that shifts subtly under different lighting conditions. Its smoky undertones add depth and dimension to the M5's muscular curves, creating an air of mystery.

M Carbon Black Metallic

Reserved exclusively for BMW's performance icons, M Carbon Black Metallic is a sophisticated and understated choice. Its pure, glossy finish accentuates the M5's bold contours, conveying a sense of raw power and athleticism.

Marina Bay Blue Metallic

Marina Bay Blue Metallic is a vibrant and eye-catching shade that evokes the allure of the open road. Its deep blue hue shimmers under the sun, creating a sense of dynamism and excitement.

Portimao Blue Metallic

Portimao Blue Metallic is a mesmerizing color that combines the intensity of blue with a hint of purple. Its iridescent finish captivates the eye, transforming the M5 into a work of rolling art.


A traditional color for high-performance BMWs, Red is an assertive and unmistakable choice. Its fiery hue exudes an undeniable presence, making the M5 a true visual spectacle.

Shadow Line

For those seeking a more sinister aesthetic, Shadow Line is an ideal option. This deep and enigmatic black hue transforms the M5 into a stealthy predator, ready to conquer any road.

Tanzanite Blue II Metallic

Tanzanite Blue II Metallic is a captivating and luxurious shade that embodies the M5's exceptional character. Its deep, elegant blue hue conveys a sense of sophistication and exclusivity.

Individual Options

BMW's Individual program offers a world of possibilities for discerning customers. With a wide range of unique and bespoke colors, the M5 can be transformed into a truly personalized masterpiece. From vibrant Lime Rock Grey Metallic to the iridescent Frozen Dark Brown Metallic, the options are limitless.


The 2025 BMW M5 is not only a performance masterpiece but also a canvas for artistic expression. Its carefully curated paint codes provide an array of choices that cater to every taste and preference. From timeless classics to modern marvels, each hue exudes the M5's inherent power and sophistication, making it a true masterpiece on the road.

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