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The Property Brothers' Dark Side Decor: A Transformation for a Famous Actress


In the captivating world of home renovations, the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, have become household names. Their expertise and unwavering passion for transforming spaces have touched countless lives. However, in their latest endeavor on the heartwarming series "Celebrity IOU," the brothers take on a unique challenge: guiding a renowned actress through a daring and enigmatic decorating journey.

A Journey into the Darkness:

The episode features a renowned actress, whose identity remains a closely guarded secret until the grand reveal, who has reached out to the Property Brothers for help in renovating her childhood home for her beloved grandmother. Determined to create a space that reflects her grandmother's deep affection for her, the actress seeks a transformation that embodies a sense of mystery and allure.

The Enigma Unraveled:

As the Property Brothers embark on their mission, they quickly discover the actress's eccentric taste, particularly her fascination with dark and moody aesthetics. Inspired by her enigmatic personality and the Victorian era's penchant for the supernatural, Drew and Jonathan propose a design scheme that embraces the shadows and exudes an air of otherworldly enchantment.

A Tapestry of Dark Neutrals:

At the heart of the transformation lies a sophisticated color palette composed of deep, rich neutrals, from charcoal grays to midnight blues and forest greens. These hues evoke a sense of timeless elegance and provide a backdrop for the actress's eclectic collection of antiques and curios.

Architectural Allure:

The brothers elevate the home's architectural features by incorporating gothic arches, ornate moldings, and intricate ironwork. These elements create a sense of opulence and drama, adding to the home's enigmatic ambiance.

Lighting as Atmosphere:

Lighting plays a pivotal role in the transformation, with the Property Brothers artfully employing chandeliers, sconces, and concealed lighting to cast a warm, yet mysterious glow. The result is an interplay of light and shadow that enhances the home's allure.

Intriguing Furnishings:

The furniture selection reflects the actress's eclectic tastes, blending antique pieces with modern accents. Velvet armchairs in shades of emerald and amethyst invite guests to sink into comfort, while ornate mirrors create the illusion of depth and reflect the flickering flames of candles. Bookshelves adorned with leather-bound volumes and peculiar artifacts add to the home's enigmatic charm.

A Touch of the Supernatural:

In keeping with the actress's fascination with the supernatural, the Property Brothers introduce subtle references to the occult throughout the design. A painting of a solitary raven hangs in the living room, while a collection of tarot cards adds a touch of mystery to her private study.

A Grand Reveal:

As the final touches are made, the actress arrives at her childhood home, unaware of the transformation that has taken place. The Property Brothers guide her through the rooms, revealing a space that perfectly captures her unique personality and reflects the cherished memories she holds with her grandmother.

Embracing the Dark Side:

The actress's reaction to the renovation is one of pure astonishment and delight. She marvels at the brothers' ability to translate her vision into reality and create a home that feels both enigmatic and inviting. She expresses her profound gratitude for their unwavering support and for creating a space where her love for her grandmother will forever reside.


The episode concludes with the actress reflecting on the transformative power of home renovation and the deep connection it has forged between her and her grandmother. She expresses her belief that the home, now adorned with the enigmatic charm they shared, will continue to foster cherished memories for generations to come.

Additional Highlights:

  • The actress's grandmother, a renowned actress herself, shared a deep passion for the Victorian era and the supernatural, which inspired the design aesthetic.
  • The Property Brothers sought input from the actress's family and friends to ensure the renovation truly captured her essence.
  • The renovation incorporated sustainable practices, including using reclaimed wood and energy-efficient lighting.
  • The actress's identity remained a closely guarded secret throughout the episode, adding to the mystery and intrigue.

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