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Sharon Stone's Living Room Masterpiece: A Statement in Contemporary Art


Nestled amidst the contemporary elegance of Sharon Stone's Malibu home lies a captivating work of art that captures the essence of her audacious style: a large-scale painting by renowned artist Rick Lowe. This stunning statement piece, aptly titled "Ascension," becomes a focal point within the vibrant and inviting living area, its vibrant hues and abstract forms adding a touch of drama to the sophisticated décor.

The Artist's Vision: Exploring Height and Depth

Rick Lowe, known for his bold and experiential installations, seamlessly merges the boundaries between painting and sculpture in "Ascension." The painting's surface evokes a sense of height and depth, with thick layers of paint applied in a manner reminiscent of bas-relief. The result is an interplay of textures and dimensions that draws the viewer into the depths of the artwork.

A Vibrant Tapestry of Colors

Sharon Stone's choice to display this particular piece from Lowe's oeuvre speaks volumes about her affinity for bold and expressive art. "Ascension" is a veritable explosion of colors, from the fiery reds that dominate the foreground to the ethereal blues and purples that recede into the background. The vibrant palette creates a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, making the painting a focal point that demands attention.

Abstraction and Interpretation

Upon closer examination, the abstract forms within "Ascension" reveal a hint of representational elements. The suggestion of a human figure, ethereal and elongated, emerges from the vibrant colors, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork on an interpretive level. The interplay of abstraction and representation allows for multiple readings, leaving room for personal interpretations and emotional connections.

A Reflection of Sharon Stone's Style

The choice to feature "Ascension" in her living room is a testament to Sharon Stone's discerning taste in art and her willingness to embrace bold and innovative pieces. The painting mirrors her own audacious style, characterized by a blend of elegance and edginess, with a penchant for statement-making accessories. "Ascension" becomes a reflection of Stone's personality, a bold and uninhibited presence within the confines of her home.

Harmony with the Surroundings

Despite its commanding presence, "Ascension" blends seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of Sharon Stone's living room. The painting's warm tones complement the earthy hues of the furnishings, while its abstract forms find resonance in the geometric patterns of the rug and accessories. The end result is a harmonious interplay of art and interior design, creating an environment that is both visually striking and invitingly comfortable.

The Power of Statement Art

The inclusion of "Ascension" in Sharon Stone's living room highlights the transformative power of statement art. A well-chosen and impactful artwork can elevate a space, making it a reflection of one's personal style and a source of inspiration. In the case of "Ascension," the painting becomes a catalyst for stimulating conversations and creating a unique and memorable atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter the room.


Sharon Stone's choice to display Rick Lowe's "Ascension" in her living room represents an inspired alliance between art and interior design. The painting's bold colors, abstract forms, and nuanced textures make it a captivating focal point that reflects the audacious and distinctive style of its owner. By embracing statement art, Stone creates a living space that is both visually stunning and deeply personal, a sanctuary that celebrates a harmonious blend of sophistication and self-expression.

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