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Shadow of the Erdtrees: Mixed Steam Reviews Diverge from Critical Acclaim


Elden Ring's latest expansion, Shadow of the Erdtrees, has elicited a contrasting response from players on Steam, despite receiving generally positive critical reviews.

Positive Reception from Critics

The expansion has garnered praise from critics for its vast and intricate world, engaging boss battles, and challenging gameplay. Reviewers have lauded its faithfulness to the core Elden Ring experience while offering fresh and exciting content.

Mixed Reactions from Steam Players

However, Steam user reviews paint a different picture. While the expansion has its share of satisfied players, a significant number have expressed dissatisfaction.

Common Praise

Many positive reviews on Steam echo the sentiments of critics, highlighting the expansion's captivating world, challenging gameplay, and the impressive quality of its graphics. Players appreciate the expansion's continuity with the main game while offering new areas, enemies, and quests.

Common Criticisms

Negative reviews on Steam primarily focus on three areas:

  • Lack of Innovation: Some players find the expansion to be overly similar to the base game, offering little in terms of truly novel content or gameplay mechanics. They feel that it doesn't deliver enough fresh experiences to justify its purchase.

  • Technical Issues: Several reviews report encountering performance issues and bugs that detract from the gameplay experience. These issues include frame rate drops, crashes, and loading problems, which can disrupt players' enjoyment of the expansion.

  • Repetitive Content: Some players feel that the expansion's new areas and quests suffer from repetition. They argue that the expansion doesn't offer enough variety in its content, leading to a sense of tedium.

Discordant Reviews

The contrasting reviews between critics and Steam users suggest that the expansion may appeal to different segments of the player base. Players who enjoyed the core Elden Ring experience and are looking for more of the same may embrace the expansion, while those seeking significant innovation or a fresh take on the game may be disappointed.

Technical Considerations

It's worth noting that some of the negative Steam reviews may be influenced by technical issues, which can be addressed through updates and patches. Players should consider checking the game's subreddit or official forums to gauge the current state of the expansion's performance.


Shadow of the Erdtrees has elicited mixed reactions from players on Steam. While some praise its expansion of the Elden Ring universe, others find it lacking in innovation and plagued by technical issues. Ultimately, the expansion's value will depend on the individual player's expectations and tolerance for repetition.

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