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Packers 2025 NFL Draft Preview: Early Look at Top Interior Offensive Linemen


As the Packers gear up for the 2024 season, evaluating potential draft prospects for the following year is already underway. With a focus on improving their interior offensive line, the team will undoubtedly have their eyes on some highly rated prospects in the upcoming 2025 NFL Draft.

According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), several talented interior offensive linemen are projected to be available when the Packers make their selections. Let's dive into a preview of these prospects and their potential impact on the Packers' offense.

1. Cade Mays, OT, Tennessee

Mays is a massive and athletic offensive lineman with a proven track record of success. He possesses exceptional size and strength, making him a formidable force in the trenches. A versatile player, Mays has experience at both guard and tackle, providing the Packers with flexibility in their offensive line construction.

2. Bryce Foster, C, Stanford

Foster is a highly skilled center with a keen understanding of the game. He exhibits excellent technique and footwork, providing a solid foundation for the offensive line. Foster's intelligence and communication abilities allow him to command the protection schemes and ensure smooth execution of the offense.

3. Josh Conerly Jr., OT, Oregon

Conerly is a long and agile offensive tackle with exceptional athleticism. He moves with ease and can effectively block both in the running game and pass protection. His ability to mirror pass rushers and neutralize defenders makes him a reliable presence on the edge.

4. Emery Jones, OG, LSU

Jones is a powerful and physical guard who excels as a run blocker. He possesses impressive strength and can generate significant movement in the trenches, creating running lanes for the Packers' ball carriers. Jones's tenacity and competitive spirit would bring added grit to the Packers' offensive line.

5. David Bailey, OT, Stanford

Bailey is a tall and strong offensive tackle with good technique and footwork. He shows good mobility and quickness off the snap, making him an effective pass protector. Bailey's experience in Stanford's pro-style offense has prepared him for the demands of the NFL game.

6. Trevor Etienne, OG, Florida

Etienne is a versatile offensive lineman who can play both guard and center. He displays good instincts and recognition, making him a reliable presence in the trenches. Etienne's agility and athleticism allow him to quickly adjust to different blocking assignments.

7. Kelvin Banks, OT, Texas

Banks is a massive and powerful offensive tackle with overwhelming size and strength. He excels in run blocking, using his physicality to create running lanes and open up holes for the running backs. Banks' presence on the edge would provide the Packers with a formidable force in the ground game.

8. Julian Armella, C, Texas A&M

Armella is a skilled center with excellent technique and fundamentals. He exhibits a high football IQ and can effectively lead the offensive line in protection schemes. Armella's quickness and agility allow him to neutralize opposing defenses and ensure efficient execution of the offense.

9. Adam Randall, OT, Clemson

Randall is a tall and athletic offensive tackle with long arms and good mobility. He shows good technique and balance in pass protection, providing stable blocking in the face of pressure. Randall's athleticism also translates to the running game, where he can effectively block on the move.

10. Donovan Green, OG, Texas A&M

Green is a strong and physical guard with excellent leverage and grip strength. He excels at controlling the line of scrimmage and creating push in the running game. Green's tenacity and unwavering effort make him a reliable presence in the trenches.

As the 2025 NFL Draft approaches, the Packers will continue to evaluate these and other interior offensive line prospects. By addressing their need for improved play on the interior, they can solidify the foundation of their offense and position themselves for success in the years to come.

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