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Must-See Exhibitions and Events at 3 Days of Design 2024



From June 12th to 14th, 2024, Copenhagen will host the highly anticipated 3 Days of Design event, showcasing a captivating array of exhibitions, installations, and events that will delve into the latest trends and innovations in the world of design. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the must-see attractions at 3 Days of Design 2024, ensuring an unforgettable and inspiring experience for attendees.


1. The Future of Living (Designmuseum Danmark)

This exhibition explores the evolving nature of our living spaces, showcasing cutting-edge designs, materials, and technologies that are shaping the homes of the future. From sustainable and adaptable architecture to innovative furniture and homeware, The Future of Living offers a glimpse into the transformative possibilities of domestic design.

2. Design for Good (Danish Architecture Center)

Focusing on the social and environmental impact of design, this exhibition showcases projects that address pressing societal challenges. Featuring innovative solutions such as sustainable packaging, accessible products, and community-oriented initiatives, Design for Good highlights the power of design to make a positive impact on the world.

3. Material Matters (Trapholt Museum)

This exhibition celebrates the beauty and versatility of materials, exploring their potential for creating innovative and inspiring design. From traditional materials such as wood and metal to emerging technologies like bioplastics and nanomaterials, Material Matters showcases the boundless possibilities of material experimentation.

4. Danish Design Now (Den Frie Udstillingsbygning)

This exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary Danish design, showcasing furniture, lighting, textiles, and home accessories from renowned and emerging designers. Visitors can discover the latest trends and innovations in Danish design, renowned for its simplicity, functionality, and elegance.

5. The Power of Play (Designers' Saturday, Kolding)

This exhibition explores the transformative role of play in design, showcasing playful and interactive installations that invite visitors to engage with their surroundings. From imaginative furniture to immersive environments, The Power of Play demonstrates the potential of design to evoke joy, creativity, and wonder.


1. Design Talks (Various Locations)

Throughout 3 Days of Design, a series of thought-provoking talks and discussions will take place at various locations across Copenhagen. Renowned designers, architects, and industry experts will share their insights on current design trends, emerging technologies, and the future of the industry.

2. Design Awards (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)

The prestigious 3 Days of Design Awards will recognize outstanding achievements in the field of design. Categories range from furniture to interiors, lighting to sustainability, celebrating the most innovative and inspiring projects from around the world.

3. Studio Visits (Various Locations)

Attendees have the opportunity to visit the studios of leading Danish designers and architects, gaining an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their creative processes and working environments. From furniture makers to textile designers, Studio Visits offer a unique opportunity to connect with the minds behind the designs.

4. Designers' Saturday (Kolding)

Held in the historic town of Kolding, Designers' Saturday is a vibrant design festival that features exhibitions, installations, and events spread throughout the city. Visitors can explore unique design experiences, meet with designers from across Denmark and beyond, and discover new design talent.

5. Design Spotting (Various Locations)

Throughout Copenhagen, attendees can engage in Design Spotting, where they can explore the city's vibrant design scene firsthand. From iconic architecture to innovative street furniture, Design Spotting encourages visitors to appreciate the role of design in shaping the urban landscape.


3 Days of Design 2024 promises an unforgettable and inspiring experience for design enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its captivating exhibitions, thought-provoking events, and exclusive access to leading designers, the event provides a comprehensive platform to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of design. By attending 3 Days of Design, attendees will gain valuable insights, discover groundbreaking projects, and connect with the creative minds shaping the future of design

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