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Joanna Gaines Unveils Enchanting Magnolia Lakehouse Paint Collection


Acclaimed designer and home renovation expert Joanna Gaines has expanded her Magnolia Home paint collection with the exquisite Magnolia Lakehouse series. Inspired by the serene beauty of her own lakehouse retreat, this captivating palette evokes a tranquil and inviting ambiance.

Immerse in the Lakehouse Charm

The Magnolia Lakehouse paint collection transports you to a haven of tranquility, inspired by the serene landscapes and cozy retreats that define Joanna's own lakehouse sanctuary. Each shade evokes a sense of nostalgia, comfort, and the timeless appeal of lakeside living.

Neutral Hues for a Serene Canvas

The collection's core neutral shades provide a calming foundation for any space. "Healing Aloe" paints a backdrop of soft gray, "Stormy Seas" conjures a calming blue-gray, and "Whispering Willow" whispers a gentle green into your home. These versatile hues effortlessly complement both traditional and contemporary furnishings.

Cozy Accents to Elevate Ambiance

Complementing the neutral base, the collection offers an array of cozy accent colors. "Rosemary" brings a fresh, earthy vibe, while "Terra Cotta" adds warmth and rustic charm. "Shale Green" evokes the lushness of nature, and "Bluestone" brings a touch of sophistication with its deep, enigmatic hue.

A Touch of Glamour

For those who crave a hint of glamour, the collection introduces "Moonlit Garden," a subtle yet intriguing blue-green, and "Mangnolia Bloom," a soft, ethereal pink. These shades add a touch of feminine allure and create subtle focal points within any space.

Joanna's Color Philosophy

Joanna's approach to color selection emphasizes authenticity and personal expression. She believes that the colors we surround ourselves with should reflect our unique personalities and evoke emotions that resonate with us. With the Magnolia Lakehouse paint collection, she aims to provide a palette that allows homeowners to create spaces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Pairing Suggestions for Timeless Appeal

To create harmonious color schemes, Joanna recommends pairing neutrals with accent colors from the same family. For instance, "Healing Aloe" can be complemented by "Rosemary" or "Terra Cotta" for a cohesive earthy aesthetic. "Stormy Seas" pairs well with "Bluestone" for a sophisticated nautical vibe, while "Whispering Willow" finds harmony with "Shale Green" for a natural, organic look.

Inspiration for Every Room

The Magnolia Lakehouse paint collection offers endless possibilities for transforming your home into a tranquil oasis. Here are some inspiring ideas for each room:

  • Living Room: Create a cozy and inviting living space by pairing "Healing Aloe" on the walls with accent pieces in "Rosemary" and "Bluestone."
  • Bedroom: Foster a restful retreat with "Whispering Willow" on the walls and "Moonlit Garden" for a touch of romanticism.
  • Kitchen: Bring the warmth of nature indoors with "Terra Cotta" cabinets and complement them with "Shale Green" for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  • Bathroom: Escape to a spa-like sanctuary with "Stormy Seas" on the walls and "Mangnolia Bloom" for a touch of ethereal elegance.

Where to Find the Magnolia Lakehouse Collection

The Magnolia Lakehouse paint collection is now available exclusively at Magnolia Home Paint stores and on the Magnolia website. Whether you're embarking on a complete home transformation or simply seeking a refresh, this captivating palette offers endless inspiration for creating serene and beautiful spaces.

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