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Fact Check: Viral Video Does Not Depict Protestors Spraying Taylor Swift's Plane


A video circulating on social media purportedly shows protestors spraying paint on Taylor Swift's private jet. However, this video is doctored and does not provide an accurate representation of events.

Origins of the Video

The original video originated on TikTok and quickly gained traction on other social media platforms. It depicts a group of people dressed in black spray-painting a white plane with the words "Climate Criminal" and "Polluter." The footage is accompanied by text claiming that the individuals are targeting Taylor Swift's aircraft due to her frequent private jet travel, which contributes to carbon emissions.

Analysis and Verification

Upon careful examination, several inconsistencies and inconsistencies within the video raise concerns about its authenticity:

  • Low Resolution: The video's poor quality and low resolution make it difficult to accurately identify the individuals or the plane involved.
  • Lack of Contextual Information: The video does not provide any context or information about the location or time of the alleged incident.
  • Inconsistent Details: The aircraft featured in the video does not match the known appearance of Taylor Swift's private jet. The paint job and markings on the plane differ from those on Swift's actual aircraft.
  • Absence of Credible Sources: The video lacks any credible sources or individuals who can verify its authenticity.

Collaboration with Representatives

Reuters reached out to representatives of Taylor Swift to confirm the veracity of the video. A spokesperson for Swift categorically denied the allegations, stating that the video was "completely fabricated" and that her plane had not been vandalized.

Social Media Scrutiny

Social media users also expressed skepticism about the video's authenticity. Reverse image searches and analysis by digital forensics experts revealed that the footage had been doctored and manipulated.


Based on the available evidence, it is clear that the viral video purporting to show protestors spraying paint on Taylor Swift's plane is not genuine. The video has been doctored and does not depict an actual event. The aircraft in the footage does not resemble Swift's plane, the details are inconsistent, and credible sources have denied the allegations.

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