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Biden and Trump Spar on Foreign Policy in Fiery Debate


June 26, 2024

Former United States Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump engaged in a heated debate on Tuesday, clashing over their respective foreign policy records and visions. The debate, which took place at the University of Pennsylvania, was moderated by CNN's Jake Tapper.

Afghanistan Withdrawal

One of the major topics of the debate was Biden's withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Trump accused Biden of "surrendering" to the Taliban and abandoning American allies. He argued that the withdrawal was a "disaster" that led to the resurgence of the Taliban and the collapse of the Afghan government.

Biden defended his decision, arguing that it was time to end the "forever war" in Afghanistan. He said that the withdrawal was "not perfectly executed," but that it was a necessary step to bring American troops home.

Ukraine War

Trump also criticized Biden's handling of the war in Ukraine. He accused Biden of being "weak" on Russia and said that he would have taken a more aggressive approach to support Ukraine and deter Russia from invading.

Biden defended his record, saying that he has led an international coalition to provide Ukraine with weapons and financial aid. He also said that he has implemented tough sanctions on Russia and worked to isolate the country diplomatically.


The candidates also discussed the issue of China. Trump accused Biden of being "soft on China" and said that he would take a tougher stance to confront China's rising power.

Biden said that he believes in competition with China, but that he also believes in dialogue and cooperation where possible. He said that he would work with allies to address China's challenges, while also seeking to build areas of common ground.

Nuclear Weapons

Trump also raised the issue of nuclear weapons, accusing Biden of being "weak" on nuclear deterrence. He said that he would strengthen the U.S. nuclear arsenal and would be willing to use nuclear weapons in certain circumstances.

Biden said that he believes nuclear weapons should only be used as a last resort. He said that he would work to reduce the risk of nuclear war and would seek to strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Climate Change

The debate also touched on the issue of climate change. Trump accused Biden of being "obsessed" with climate change and said that he would prioritize the economy over environmental issues.

Biden said that climate change is a serious threat that requires immediate action. He said that he would invest in clean energy technologies and work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Trump also accused Biden of weakening U.S. alliances. He said that Biden has "alienated" allies and that he would be more reliable in supporting U.S. partners.

Biden said that he believes in the importance of alliances and that he has worked to strengthen relationships with U.S. partners. He said that he would continue to work with allies to address common challenges.

Personal Attacks

The debate also featured a number of personal attacks between the two candidates. Trump called Biden "sleepy" and "slow." Biden called Trump a "dangerous" and "unstable" leader.

Despite the personal attacks, the debate also featured several moments of substance and policy discussion. The candidates offered their perspectives on a range of foreign policy issues and provided insights into their respective views on the future of U.S. foreign policy.

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