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Asheville Contemplates $269K Contract for Urban Forest Master Plan



The City of Asheville is weighing the approval of a $269,000 contract with consulting firm Davey Resource Group to create a comprehensive Urban Forest Master Plan. This plan will serve as a blueprint for managing and enhancing the city's urban forest, which comprises approximately 100,000 street and park trees.

Benefits of an Urban Forest Master Plan

An Urban Forest Master Plan offers numerous benefits for Asheville, including:

  • Improved tree canopy coverage to mitigate urban heat island effects and improve air quality
  • Enhanced stormwater management and flood control
  • Increased property values and aesthetic appeal
  • Enhanced habitat for wildlife and biodiversity
  • Increased opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities

Scope of the Master Plan

The Urban Forest Master Plan will address a wide range of aspects related to Asheville's urban forest:

1. Inventory and Assessment:

  • Compilation of a comprehensive inventory of street and park trees, including species, size, condition, and location

2. Management Strategies:

  • Development of science-based management practices for planting, maintenance, and removal of trees
  • Prioritization of tree care needs based on species, location, and risk factors
  • Establishment of guidelines for tree protection during construction and development

3. Community Engagement:

  • Active engagement of residents, businesses, and community organizations in the planning process
  • Implementation of public education programs to raise awareness about the importance of urban forests

4. Funding and Implementation:

  • Identification of sustainable funding sources for urban forest management
  • Development of a phased implementation plan to ensure the long-term success of the master plan

5. Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Establishment of a monitoring system to track progress and measure the effectiveness of the plan
  • Regular evaluation and updates to ensure the plan remains relevant and responsive to changing needs

Contract Details

The City of Asheville is considering a contract with Davey Resource Group for $269,000 for the development of the Urban Forest Master Plan. The contract includes:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development of management strategies
  • Public engagement and education
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Benefits of Davey Resource Group

Davey Resource Group is a national leader in the field of arboriculture, with over 100 years of experience in managing urban forests. They have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Asheville's urban forest and possess the expertise to develop a comprehensive and effective master plan.


The project is anticipated to be completed over a 12-month period, beginning in July 2024.


The development of an Urban Forest Master Plan is a critical step for Asheville to ensure the health, vitality, and resilience of its urban forest. The plan will provide a roadmap for sustainable management and enhancement of the city's tree canopy, benefiting current and future generations. The City of Asheville is committed to investing in the future of its urban forest through the creation of this master plan.

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