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Asbestos and Lead Paint Violations Detected in Three Local Schools: EPA Issues Notice of Violations


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued Notices of Violation (NOVs) to three local schools after inspections revealed the presence of asbestos and lead paint violations. The affected schools are:

  • Central Elementary School
  • South Middle School
  • North High School

Asbestos Violations

Asbestos, a known carcinogen, was found in various areas of the schools, including:

  • Ceiling tiles
  • Pipe insulation
  • Floor tiles

According to the EPA, the asbestos was found in a friable state, meaning it can easily crumble and release hazardous fibers into the air. Inhaling these fibers can lead to serious health complications, including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Lead Paint Violations

Elevated levels of lead paint were also detected in several locations within the schools, including:

  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Baseboards

Lead paint is highly toxic, particularly to children, and can cause developmental delays, learning disabilities, and other health problems. Even low levels of lead exposure can have detrimental effects on a child's health.

EPA's Response

The EPA has ordered the schools to take immediate action to address the violations, including:

  • Removing or encapsulating all asbestos-containing materials
  • Removing all lead-based paint
  • Conducting air quality testing to ensure there is no ongoing exposure to asbestos or lead

The schools have been given specific deadlines to complete these actions, and the EPA will conduct follow-up inspections to verify compliance.

Health Concerns

The discovery of these violations has raised concerns among parents, students, and staff. The EPA has assured the public that the risks are being addressed and that steps are being taken to protect their health.

Parents are encouraged to contact the schools for specific information about the affected areas and the steps being taken to remediate the situation. The EPA has also provided resources on its website for concerned individuals to learn more about asbestos and lead paint and their potential health effects.


The schools could face fines and other penalties for the violations. The EPA takes these matters seriously and will continue to enforce environmental regulations to protect the public from hazardous substances.

Call to Action

The EPA urges all schools and building owners to regularly inspect their facilities for asbestos and lead paint and to take immediate action to address any violations. By working together, we can create safe and healthy learning environments for our children.

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