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Adirondack Forest Rangers Engage in Rescues and Discoveries in the Adirondack Backcountry


The Adirondack Forest Rangers, a specialized team responsible for safeguarding the vast wilderness of the Adirondack Park, have been actively engaged in a series of rescues and discoveries over the past several days. Their efforts underscore the critical role they play in ensuring the safety of visitors and protecting the park's pristine environment.

Tragic Discovery: Two Hikers Found Deceased

On June 17, 2024, a team of Forest Rangers discovered the bodies of two individuals, identified as 59-year-old Christopher Swain and 55-year-old Portia Moore, in the remote Dix Mountain Wilderness Area. The victims were reportedly experienced hikers who had been missing for several days. The cause of their deaths remains under investigation.

Lost Hiker Located and Rescued

On June 16, 2024, Forest Rangers launched a search and rescue operation for a 22-year-old hiker who had become disoriented on the Catamount Mountain Trail. The individual, whose identity has not been released, was successfully located and assisted back to safety by Ranger personnel.

Kayaker Rescued After Overturning

On the evening of June 15, 2024, Forest Rangers responded to a call for assistance regarding a kayaker who had overturned in Lake Placid. The individual, identified as 30-year-old Emily Carter, was reportedly wearing a life jacket and was unharmed. Rangers assisted in retrieving her kayak and ensuring her safe return to shore.

Difficult Terrain Complicates Rescues and Discoveries

The Forest Rangers' recent operations have taken place in challenging and rugged terrain, highlighting the complexities of backcountry travel. The remote location of the Dix Mountain Wilderness Area, with its steep slopes and dense undergrowth, made the search for the missing hikers particularly difficult.

Similarly, the dense vegetation and rugged shorelines of Lake Placid presented hazards for the kayak rescue. Forest Rangers are highly trained in wilderness navigation and rescue techniques, enabling them to effectively operate in these challenging environments.

Importance of Park Regulations and Safety Measures

The incidents underscore the importance of adhering to park regulations and taking appropriate safety precautions when venturing into the Adirondack backcountry. Hikers should ensure they have the necessary skills, equipment, and maps for their intended route. Kayakers should always wear life jackets and be aware of changing weather conditions.

Ongoing Efforts to Protect the Adirondack Park

The Forest Rangers' dedicated efforts play a vital role in protecting the Adirondack Park, a unique and cherished natural treasure. Their ongoing presence in the backcountry ensures the safety of visitors, preserves the park's pristine ecosystem, and safeguards its ecological integrity.


The Adirondack Forest Rangers are highly skilled and dedicated professionals who have made significant contributions to the safety and well-being of the park and its visitors. Their recent rescues and discoveries highlight the complexities and challenges of wilderness travel, and the importance of responsible recreation and park stewardship.

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