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Suspect Arrested in String of Ball-Bearing Shooting Incidents in Forest Grove


On [DATE], the Forest Grove Police Department took a suspect into custody in connection with a series of bizarre and alarming incidents involving cars being shot with ball bearings. The suspect, identified as [SUSPECT'S NAME], was arrested after police found him in possession of a slingshot and numerous ball bearings.

Investigation and Chronology of Events

The investigation began on [DATE] when the Forest Grove Police Department received multiple reports from residents about their cars being damaged by ball bearings. The initial reports indicated that the damage was concentrated in a specific area of the city, but as more incidents were reported, it became clear that the suspect was targeting cars indiscriminately throughout Forest Grove.

The police quickly launched an investigation into the incidents, scouring crime scenes and interviewing victims. They determined that the damage being inflicted was not merely cosmetic – many of the victims reported shattered windshields and dented panels, which posed significant safety hazards.

Modus Operandi and Suspect Identification

As the investigation progressed, detectives gathered crucial information about the suspect's modus operandi. Based on witness accounts and surveillance footage, they established that the suspect was using a slingshot to propel ball bearings at parked cars. The suspect appeared to be operating at random, with no discernible pattern or motive for his actions.

Through a combination of investigative techniques, including traffic camera footage and license plate identification, the police were able to identify a suspect vehicle. They conducted surveillance on the vehicle and eventually located the suspect, [SUSPECT'S NAME], at his residence.

Apprehension and Charges

On [DATE], the Forest Grove Police Department executed a search warrant on [SUSPECT'S NAME]'s residence. During the search, they discovered a slingshot, numerous ball bearings, and other evidence related to the shooting incidents. [SUSPECT'S NAME] was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple counts of Criminal Mischief in the First Degree.

Community Impact and Safety Concerns

The series of ball-bearing shootings had caused significant unease and fear in the Forest Grove community. Residents were understandably concerned about the safety of their vehicles and themselves. The police department's swift and decisive actions in apprehending the suspect provided a sense of relief and reassurance to the community.

Ongoing Investigation and Prosecution

The Forest Grove Police Department continues to investigate the incidents and is working to determine if there are any additional victims or suspects involved. The department is also reviewing its policies and procedures related to vandalism and public safety in order to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

[SUSPECT'S NAME] is scheduled to appear in court on [DATE] for a preliminary hearing. If convicted, he could face significant criminal penalties for his actions.


The arrest of [SUSPECT'S NAME] is a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the ball-bearing shooting incidents in Forest Grove. The police department's dedication to public safety and the community's cooperation have played a vital role in bringing this case to a successful resolution. While the investigation continues, the community can take comfort in knowing that the suspect has been apprehended and the threat to their safety has been neutralized.

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