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Nottingham Forest: Nuno Espirito Santo Believes Club's Frustration with VAR Has Been Justified


Nottingham Forest manager, Nuno Espirito Santo, has spoken out about the club's ongoing frustration with VAR and believes that their anger has been justified. In an interview with, Nuno discussed his views on the controversial technology and how it has impacted his team's performances.

VAR Controversy at Nottingham Forest

Since the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology in football, it has been a constant source of controversy and frustration for many teams and fans. Nottingham Forest is one of the clubs that have been at the forefront of VAR-related debates, with several decisions going against them in crucial moments of matches.

Nuno Espirito Santo, who took over as Nottingham Forest manager in 2021, has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the implementation and use of VAR in the English game. In an exclusive interview with, Nuno expressed his belief that the club's frustration with VAR has been justified, citing specific incidents where the technology had a detrimental impact on their results.

The Impact on Performance

According to Nuno, VAR has had a significant impact on Nottingham Forest's performance on the pitch. The manager pointed out that the uncertainty and inconsistency in VAR decisions have affected the team's morale and confidence, leading to subpar performances in certain games.

"VAR has brought a lot of uncertainty and frustration to the game," Nuno said. "We have been on the receiving end of some questionable decisions that have directly impacted the outcome of matches. It's hard for the players to stay focused and motivated when they feel that their efforts are being undermined by controversial VAR calls."

Nuno emphasized that VAR has not only affected the outcome of matches but has also had a psychological impact on the players, as they have to contend with the uncertainty of whether a decision will go in their favor or not.

Vindication for Nottingham Forest

Despite the challenges posed by VAR, Nuno believes that the club's frustration with the technology has been validated by recent developments in the footballing world. He pointed to several high-profile incidents in which other teams have also been on the receiving end of controversial VAR decisions, leading to widespread criticism and calls for reform.

"It's not just Nottingham Forest that has been affected by VAR," Nuno explained. "We have seen numerous instances where teams across various leagues have been let down by the technology. This has only served to vindicate our frustration and show that our concerns are legitimate."

Nuno's comments reflect a broader sentiment within the football community, as many stakeholders have voiced their discontent with the inconsistent application of VAR rules and the impact it has had on the integrity of the game.

Calls for Reform

In light of the ongoing VAR controversies, Nuno emphasized the need for a comprehensive review of the technology and its usage in football. He argued that while VAR was intended to reduce errors and improve the accuracy of decisions, its implementation has created more problems than it has solved.

"We need to take a step back and reassess how VAR is being utilized in the game," Nuno stated. "There are clear inconsistencies and subjective interpretations that have undermined its effectiveness. It's essential for football authorities to address these issues and make the necessary changes to restore trust and fairness in the sport."

Nuno's calls for reform echo those of many football fans and experts who have grown increasingly disillusioned with VAR and its impact on the game. The widespread dissatisfaction with the technology has prompted discussions about potential changes to its implementation, including greater transparency in decision-making and clearer guidelines for VAR officials.

Looking Ahead

As Nottingham Forest continues to navigate the challenges posed by VAR, Nuno remains committed to finding ways to mitigate its impact on the team's performance. He stressed the importance of maintaining a resilient mindset and focusing on the aspects of the game that are within their control.

"VAR is a part of the game now, and we have to adapt to its presence," Nuno said. "We can't afford to let its controversies distract us from our goals. Our focus is on continuing to work hard, improve our performances, and achieve positive results, regardless of the external factors that may come into play."

Nuno's determination to steer Nottingham Forest through the VAR challenges reflects his leadership and commitment to overcoming adversity. While the club's frustration with the technology remains palpable, Nuno's approach highlights a proactive mindset aimed at rising above the obstacles and focusing on the team's development and success.


Nuno Espirito Santo's candid remarks about Nottingham Forest's frustration with VAR shed light on the impact of the technology on the club's performance and the wider football community. As controversies surrounding VAR continue to make headlines, Nuno's perspective provides valuable insight into the challenges faced by teams and the calls for reform to address the issues plaguing the use of VAR in the game.

While the debate over VAR's effectiveness rages on, Nuno's focus remains on guiding Nottingham Forest through the adversity and steering the team towards success. As the footballing world grapples with the implications of VAR, Nuno's leadership and determination serve as a testament to the resilience and unwavering spirit of Nottingham Forest in the face of technological challenges.

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