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Nest House: A Sculptural Residence Embracing Nature by Ho Khue Architects



Nest House is an architecturally stunning and environmentally sensitive abode nestled amidst the tropical greenery of Vietnam's Dak Lak province. Designed by the visionary Ho Khue Architects, this extraordinary dwelling merges modern aesthetics with vernacular wisdom, creating a harmonious dialogue between architecture and nature.

Conceptual Framework

The design concept behind Nest House revolves around the notion of a "nest," a cozy and protective space that embraces its occupants. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese birdhouses, the structure features a series of interlocking bamboo domes, forming a sculptural canopy that echoes the organic shapes found in nature.

Spatial Configuration

The house is organized into two primary levels: the ground floor and the mezzanine. The ground floor accommodates the main communal spaces, including the living room, dining area, and kitchen. These spaces flow seamlessly into each other, fostering a sense of openness and fluidity. The mezzanine, accessed via a sculptural staircase, houses the sleeping quarters, providing privacy and tranquility.

Materiality and Structural Innovation

Ho Khue Architects have ingeniously utilized locally sourced bamboo as the primary building material, leveraging its inherent strength and flexibility. The interlocking bamboo domes not only create a striking visual presence but also provide structural stability, ensuring durability and longevity. The use of bamboo also aligns with the architects' commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

Integration with Nature

Nest House seamlessly blends with its surroundings, establishing a profound connection with the outdoors. Generous windows and balconies offer uninterrupted views of the lush tropical landscape, inviting nature to become an integral part of the living experience. The extensive use of natural materials, such as bamboo and stone, further enhances the sense of harmony and balance between the built and natural environments.

Environmental Sensitivity

Sustainability played a key role in the design and construction of Nest House. The bamboo structure is not only eco-friendly but also highly efficient at regulating temperature and humidity. The extensive use of natural ventilation and cross-ventilation ensures a comfortable living environment while minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, the house's orientation maximizes natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Cultural Significance

Nest House demonstrates a profound respect for Vietnamese cultural traditions while embracing modern architectural principles. The use of bamboo as a building material pays homage to the country's rich history of vernacular architecture. The house's overall design reflects the Vietnamese philosophy of living in harmony with nature, creating a serene and fulfilling living experience.

Functional Aspects

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Nest House is also designed with functionality in mind. The open-plan living spaces allow for flexible configurations, adapting to various needs and activities. The mezzanine sleeping quarters provide privacy and tranquility, while the numerous balconies and outdoor areas offer ample space for relaxation and contemplation.

Awards and Recognition

Nest House has garnered widespread recognition for its innovative design and sustainable approach. In 2023, the house was honored with the prestigious World Architecture Festival Award in the "House of the Year" category. This accolade underscores the exceptional quality and international acclaim that Nest House has received.


Nest House by Ho Khue Architects is a testament to the transformative power of architecture in creating a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Its sculptural bamboo domes, seamless integration with the surrounding environment, and emphasis on sustainability make it a truly extraordinary dwelling. Nest House stands as a masterpiece of Vietnamese architecture, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage while embracing modern innovation and environmental consciousness.

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