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Nagase Isomaltooligosaccharides: A Natural Balancing Act for Hair Styling



Achieving the perfect balance between hair stiffness and flexibility is crucial for effortless styling. Nagase, a leading innovator in hair care, introduces Isomaltooligosaccharides (IMOs), a naturally derived ingredient that empowers hair with both strength and pliability.

Unlocking the Science of IMOs

IMOs are a type of short-chain carbohydrate derived from starch. Their unique molecular structure grants them remarkable properties that enhance hair's physical characteristics.

Structural Enhancement: Increasing Tensile Strength

IMOs form a protective layer on the hair surface, reinforcing its structure and increasing its tensile strength. This newfound resilience enables hair to withstand the demands of styling, preventing breakage and preserving its integrity.

Pliability and Movement: Maintaining Flexibility

While IMOs provide structural support, they also maintain hair's natural flexibility. Their compact size and hydrophilic nature allow them to penetrate the hair shaft, hydrating it and promoting elasticity. This delicate balance ensures that hair remains supple and responsive to styling, allowing for effortless shaping and hold.

Styling Benefits Galore

Nagase IMOs offer a myriad of styling benefits:

  • Enhanced Curls and Waves: IMOs enhance curl definition and reduce frizz, creating voluminous, long-lasting curls and waves.
  • Improved Hold: With increased tensile strength, IMOs provide better hold without the stiffness associated with traditional styling products.
  • Easy Combing and Brushing: Their lubricating properties reduce tangles and facilitate effortless combing and brushing, minimizing hair loss during detangling.
  • Protection from Heat and Styling Damage: IMOs protect hair from heat damage caused by styling tools. They form a heat-resistant film that shields hair from thermal stress, preserving its health and vitality.

Applications in Hair Care Products

Nagase IMOs can be incorporated into various hair care products, including:

  • Styling Creams and Gels: Enhance hold and add definition while maintaining hair's natural movement.
  • Leave-In Conditioners: Provide continuous hydration, strengthening, and protection throughout the day.
  • Hair Masks: Deeply condition and repair hair while increasing its elasticity and resilience.

Clinical Evidence and Consumer Perception

Clinical studies have consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of Nagase IMOs in improving hair stiffness and flexibility. Consumers who have used products containing IMOs report increased ease of styling, improved curl definition, and reduced breakage.


Nagase Isomaltooligosaccharides are a game-changer in hair styling. Their ability to naturally balance hair's stiffness and flexibility empowers users with the freedom to create effortless, long-lasting styles. Whether you desire defined curls, voluminous waves, or sleek, straight hair, IMOs offer a gentle and effective solution to achieve your desired look.

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