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Lark House: A Contemporary Retreat Designed by SHED Architecture & Design


Nestled in a serene neighborhood in Seattle, the Lark House stands out as a refined and contemporary retreat designed by the award-winning SHED Architecture & Design. With its innovative approach to spatial design and sustainable materials, the Lark House sets a new standard for modern living in urban environments.

Concept and Inspiration

The Lark House was conceptualized with the idea of creating a harmonious blend of sleek, contemporary design and warm, inviting spaces. The design team at SHED Architecture & Design drew inspiration from the surrounding landscape, incorporating natural elements and maximizing natural light to create a sense of calm and tranquility throughout the home.

Sustainable Design

One of the defining features of the Lark House is its commitment to sustainability. The architects at SHED Architecture & Design prioritized the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and passive design principles to minimize the home's environmental impact. From the use of reclaimed wood and locally-sourced stone to the installation of high-performance insulation and energy-efficient appliances, every aspect of the Lark House reflects a dedication to sustainable living.

Spatial Organization

The interior spaces of the Lark House are thoughtfully organized to optimize functionality and flow. The open-plan layout seamlessly connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas, creating a sense of openness and fluidity. Large windows and strategically placed skylights allow natural light to flood the interiors, blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside.

Material Palette

The material palette of the Lark House is a testament to the design team's commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity. Rich, textured surfaces such as reclaimed wood and exposed concrete are juxtaposed with sleek, modern finishes to create a layered and dynamic aesthetic. The careful selection of materials enhances the tactile quality of the spaces, inviting inhabitants to engage with and appreciate the built environment.

Connection to Nature

The Lark House is designed to forge a strong connection to its natural surroundings. The integration of outdoor living spaces and lush landscaping creates an extension of the interior spaces, providing residents with opportunities to experience the beauty of the landscape firsthand. A thoughtful consideration of sightlines and access to the outdoors ensures that every room in the house offers a connection to nature, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.

Innovative Details

The Lark House is replete with innovative details that elevate the living experience. From custom-built cabinetry and integrated storage solutions to carefully considered lighting schemes and unique fixtures, every aspect of the home reflects a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Thoughtful attention to detail is evident throughout the house, creating a sense of refinement and sophistication.

Architectural Significance

SHED Architecture & Design's approach to the design of the Lark House reflects a deep understanding of contemporary living and an appreciation for the inherent beauty of natural materials. By seamlessly blending architectural form and function, the Lark House becomes a timeless example of modern residential design that prioritizes sustainability, craftsmanship, and a strong connection to nature.


The Lark House stands as a testament to the innovative and sustainable design principles championed by SHED Architecture & Design. With its thoughtful spatial organization, commitment to sustainability, and attention to detail, the Lark House sets a new standard for contemporary living in urban environments. As a refined and inviting retreat that seamlessly connects with its natural surroundings, the Lark House embodies the best of modern residential architecture and serves as an inspiring example of thoughtful, sustainable design.

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