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FA Charges Nottingham Forest and Mark Clattenburg Leaves Club


Nottingham Forest has been charged by the Football Association for failing to control its players during their recent match against Reading. The FA has accused the club of breaching the rule E20, which pertains to player behavior.

This charge comes just as the club faces yet another setback with the departure of Mark Clattenburg, the head of refereeing at Nottingham Forest. Clattenburg has announced that he will be leaving the club and seeking new opportunities elsewhere.

This latest development has stirred up controversy and discussion in the football community. In this article, we will delve into the details of these events and explore their implications for Nottingham Forest and the wider football landscape.

FA Charges Nottingham Forest

The FA's decision to charge Nottingham Forest for failing to control its players during the match against Reading has raised eyebrows and sparked debate among football fans and pundits.

The incident in question occurred during a highly contentious game in which tempers flared, and tensions ran high. The FA has deemed Nottingham Forest responsible for the behavior of its players and has launched an investigation into the matter.

If found guilty, Nottingham Forest could face sanctions and potential fines from the FA. This could have serious implications for the club, both financially and in terms of its reputation within the footballing community.

Nottingham Forest has released a statement in response to the FA's charge, expressing their disappointment and asserting their commitment to cooperating fully with the FA's investigation. The club has vowed to conduct an internal review to address the issue and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Mark Clattenburg Leaves Nottingham Forest

In a surprising turn of events, Mark Clattenburg, the head of refereeing at Nottingham Forest, has announced that he will be leaving the club. Clattenburg, who has been a prominent figure in the world of football refereeing, cited personal reasons for his decision to depart from Nottingham Forest.

Clattenburg's departure has come as a blow to Nottingham Forest, as he has been instrumental in shaping the club's approach to refereeing and match officiating. His expertise and experience have been highly valued within the club, and his absence will undoubtedly be felt by the team and its supporters.

The news of Clattenburg's departure has sparked speculation about his next move and potential opportunities in the world of football refereeing. Many within the football community are eager to see where Clattenburg's career will take him next and how his departure will impact Nottingham Forest.

Implications for Nottingham Forest

The FA's charge against Nottingham Forest and Mark Clattenburg's departure have significant implications for the club's future and its standing within the footballing world.

The FA's investigation into Nottingham Forest's player behavior could lead to repercussions that may affect the club's performance on the pitch and its relationship with the footballing authorities. If Nottingham Forest is found guilty of the charge, they could face fines and potential disciplinary measures that could hinder the team's progress.

Furthermore, Mark Clattenburg's departure leaves a void in Nottingham Forest's refereeing infrastructure. His expertise and leadership will be sorely missed, and the club will need to find a suitable replacement to fill the gap left by his departure. This could pose challenges for Nottingham Forest as they seek to maintain high standards of officiating and uphold the integrity of the game.

Reactions from the Football Community

The developments surrounding Nottingham Forest have generated a great deal of interest and discussion within the football community. Fans, players, and pundits alike have weighed in on the FA's charge against the club and Mark Clattenburg's decision to leave.

Some have expressed concern about the potential impact of the FA's charge on Nottingham Forest, emphasizing the need for the club to address any issues related to player conduct and discipline. Others have voiced support for Nottingham Forest, highlighting the challenging nature of the match against Reading and the pressures faced by players in the heat of competition.

As for Mark Clattenburg's departure, many have expressed surprise and curiosity about his next career move. Clattenburg's expertise and experience have earned him respect and admiration in the world of football refereeing, and his future endeavors are a subject of great interest and speculation.


The FA's charge against Nottingham Forest and Mark Clattenburg's departure have brought significant upheaval to the club and stirred debate within the football community. The outcome of the FA's investigation and the consequences of Clattenburg's departure will have a lasting impact on Nottingham Forest and their place in the football world.

As the saga unfolds, it will be important for Nottingham Forest to address the FA's charge with transparency and accountability, while also planning for the future in the wake of Mark Clattenburg's exit. The club's ability to navigate these challenges and maintain its reputation will be closely watched by football fans and stakeholders alike.

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