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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Criticizes Kansas Speedway's Finish Line Paint Job Following Kyle Larson's Win Over Chris Buescher


Dale Earnhardt Jr., a former NASCAR driver and current television analyst, didn't hold back his criticism of the finish line paint job at Kansas Speedway after Kyle Larson narrowly edged out Chris Buescher in a thrilling race.

The finish line at Kansas Speedway has been a topic of discussion in the NASCAR community following the Hollywood Casino 400 on October 24, 2021. Larson's victory by a mere 0.083 seconds over Buescher was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the finish line, which prompted Earnhardt to voice his disapproval on social media.

In a series of tweets, Earnhardt voiced his frustration with the finish line paint job, which he believed contributed to the confusion surrounding the race's outcome. He criticized the track officials for failing to ensure clear and accurate markings on the finish line, and he suggested that the blurred lines may have impacted the outcome of the race.

The Controversy

The controversy began when the finish line at Kansas Speedway seemed to cause confusion among fans, drivers, and even NASCAR officials. As Larson and Buescher raced towards the finish line, the painted markings appeared unclear and distorted, leading to uncertainty about who had actually crossed it first.

The finish line controversy sparked a debate about the importance of accurate and visible markings in NASCAR races, with many fans and industry insiders expressing their disappointment with the situation. As the discussions continued, Earnhardt Jr. took to social media to share his thoughts on the matter, bringing further attention to the issue.

Earnhardt's Criticism

Earnhardt, a highly respected figure in the NASCAR world, used his platform to express his dissatisfaction with the finish line paint job at Kansas Speedway. He emphasized the significance of clear and definitive markings, especially in races that are decided by mere fractions of a second.

In his tweets, Earnhardt highlighted the potential impact of the finish line controversy on the outcome of the race, noting that the blurred markings may have contributed to the confusion surrounding Larson's victory. By publicly addressing the issue, Earnhardt brought attention to the importance of precision and accuracy in race track markings, calling for improvements to prevent similar controversies in the future.

The Need for Clarity

Earnhardt's criticism of the finish line paint job at Kansas Speedway underscored the need for clear and unambiguous markings in NASCAR races. As a former driver who experienced the intensity of close finishes firsthand, he understands the significance of visible and accurate finish lines in determining race outcomes.

The controversy at Kansas Speedway served as a reminder of the importance of attention to detail in race track preparations. With races often being decided by fractions of a second, the clarity and visibility of finish line markings can significantly impact the determination of race winners. Earnhardt's comments emphasized the need for track officials to prioritize precision in their line markings to avoid confusion and potential controversies.

NASCAR's Response

Following the race at Kansas Speedway and the ensuing controversy, NASCAR officials acknowledged the concerns raised about the finish line paint job. The organization expressed its commitment to ensuring that future races would not be marred by similar confusion, and they reassured fans and drivers that measures would be taken to address the issue.

NASCAR's response to the controversy reflected the recognition of the importance of clear and precise track markings. The organization's commitment to improving the visibility of finish lines demonstrated a proactive approach to addressing concerns raised by the NASCAR community, including those voiced by Earnhardt Jr.

The Impact of Earnhardt's Comments

Earnhardt's vocal criticism of the finish line paint job at Kansas Speedway propelled the issue into the spotlight, prompting discussions about the importance of clear and accurate markings in NASCAR races. His status as a respected figure in the sport amplifies the significance of his comments, as they draw attention to areas that require improvement for the benefit of drivers, teams, and fans alike.

By using his platform to address the controversy, Earnhardt highlighted the impact of track preparations on race outcomes and emphasized the necessity of precision in finish line markings. His comments sparked a broader conversation about the need for clarity and visibility in race track infrastructure, underscoring the influence of his voice within the NASCAR community.


The finish line controversy at Kansas Speedway, along with Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s criticism of the paint job, shed light on the importance of clear and accurate markings in NASCAR races. The discussions that followed underscored the significance of precision in track preparations and the potential impact on race outcomes.

Earnhardt's outspoken comments brought attention to the need for improvements in finish line markings to prevent future controversies. By voicing his disapproval of the blurred lines at Kansas Speedway, he emphasized the importance of clear and definitive markings in determining race winners. His influence as a respected figure in the NASCAR community amplified the impact of his criticism, urging track officials to prioritize precision and visibility in their line markings.

The discussions surrounding the controversy at Kansas Speedway and the subsequent response from NASCAR reflect the ongoing efforts to ensure that race outcomes are determined accurately and definitively. Earnhardt's role in bringing attention to the issue further emphasizes the significance of clear and precise track markings in NASCAR races, as they are essential components in determining the true winners of thrilling competitions.

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