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Seven Finalists Unveiled for Rimowa Design Prize


The prestigious Rimowa Design Prize, an award given to innovative and visionary designers pushing the boundaries of contemporary design, has announced its seven finalists. The competition, in collaboration with the iconic luggage brand Rimowa and international design magazine Dezeen, aims to recognize the most exceptional and forward-thinking design concepts in the industry.

The seven finalists were selected from a pool of talented and diverse designers who submitted their ground-breaking ideas. The chosen designs demonstrate a wide range of creative thinking and showcase the incredible potential and ingenuity within the design community. Here is a closer look at the seven finalist projects and their creators:

1. "Invisible Design" by Anna Aagaard Jensen

Danish designer Anna Aagaard Jensen's "Invisible Design" concept challenges the traditional notion of design by exploring the concept of invisibility. The project delves into the realm of intangible design, focusing on the sensory and emotional aspects of the human experience. By creating designs that are meant to evoke feelings and emotions rather than tangible objects, Jensen pushes the boundaries of conventional design and invites viewers to question their perceptions of what design can be.

2. "The 51st State" by Survey

Survey, a design studio based in London, presents "The 51st State," a speculative design project that reimagines the future of governance and territorial boundaries. The concept explores the idea of creating a new state that exists as a hybrid space, unencumbered by geopolitical constraints. Through a thought-provoking combination of architectural and social design, Survey's project challenges conventional notions of nationhood and invites audiences to reflect on the possibilities of redefining political and geographical boundaries in the modern world.

3. "Adaptive Skin" by Studio Unism

Studio Unism, a design collective dedicated to exploring the intersection of architecture and technology, introduces "Adaptive Skin," a revolutionary concept that envisions a dynamic and responsive building facade. The project explores the potential of intelligent and adaptable structures, inspired by the ways in which living organisms respond to their environments. Studio Unism's design challenges the static nature of architectural facades and opens up new possibilities for sustainable and interactive built environments.

4. "Green Loop" by Adapt

Adapt, a design studio focused on sustainable and regenerative solutions, presents "Green Loop," a visionary project that reimagines urban infrastructure as a network of interconnected natural ecosystems. Through innovative landscape design and urban planning, Adapt's concept envisions a future where cities are seamlessly integrated with nature, fostering biodiversity and ecological resilience. "Green Loop" challenges the conventional divide between urban and natural environments, offering a new paradigm for sustainable urban development.

5. "Post Climate City" by Asia Hassan

Asia Hassan, an architect and urban designer, introduces "Post Climate City," a speculative design project that rethinks urban environments in the face of climate change. The concept imagines a future city shaped by the impacts of climate crisis, challenging the traditional approach to urban planning and infrastructure. By envisioning a city that has adapted and transformed in response to environmental challenges, Hassan's project prompts viewers to consider the resilience and adaptability of our built environments in the face of a changing climate.

6. "Virtual Counterpart" by Daria Zinovatnaya

Daria Zinovatnaya, a designer exploring the intersection of virtual and physical realities, presents "Virtual Counterpart," a project that examines the potential of digital twinning in design and architecture. The concept explores the creation of virtual replicas of physical spaces, opening up new possibilities for design visualization, experimentation, and interaction. Zinovatnaya's project challenges the boundaries between the physical and virtual realms, offering a fresh perspective on the integration of digital technologies in design practice.

7. "Future Luggage" by Anjali Srinivasan

Anjali Srinivasan, a designer specializing in material innovation and sustainability, introduces "Future Luggage," a forward-thinking concept that reimagines the future of travel accessories. The project explores the integration of advanced materials and sustainable design principles to create a new generation of luggage that is both innovative and environmentally conscious. Srinivasan's design challenges the traditional notion of travel accessories, offering a glimpse into a future where functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability converge in travel products.

The Rimowa Design Prize finalists represent a diverse and dynamic range of design concepts, each pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity within their respective domains. These visionary projects offer fresh perspectives on the future of design, challenging conventional norms and inspiring audiences to reimagine the possibilities of architecture, urban planning, sustainability, and material innovation.

As the competition moves forward, the Rimowa Design Prize will culminate in the selection of the ultimate winner, who will be recognized for their exceptional vision and contribution to the field of design. The announcement of the winning project will not only celebrate the outstanding creativity and innovation within the design community but also serve as a testament to the transformative power of design in shaping the world we live in.

The Rimowa Design Prize serves as a platform for designers to showcase their most groundbreaking ideas and provides a springboard for innovative concepts to make a meaningful impact on the design industry and beyond. The competition's seven finalists exemplify the cutting edge of contemporary design, offering a glimpse into a future where design transcends boundaries, challenges conventions, and shapes the world in unprecedented ways.

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