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How I Found a Clever Design Hack to Fake Symmetry in My Home


As an interior design enthusiast, I am constantly seeking ways to enhance the aesthetics of my living space. However, one particular challenge had been a persistent source of frustration for me - an off-center window in my living room. No matter how much I rearranged the furniture or added decorative elements, the asymmetry of the window continued to disrupt the overall balance of the room.

After spending countless hours pondering over this design dilemma, I was determined to find a solution that would allow me to fake symmetry and restore visual harmony to my space. Eventually, I stumbled upon an ingenious design hack that not only addressed the issue of the off-center window but also transformed the entire space into a stylish and cohesive environment.

The Frustrating Off-Center Window

The off-center window in my living room had been a thorn in my side since the day I moved in. Positioned slightly to the left of the room, it threw off the balance of the entire space and made it challenging to arrange the furniture in a way that felt visually satisfying. The asymmetry created an imbalance that no amount of rearranging could seem to rectify, and it became a constant source of annoyance whenever I entered the room.

The Quest for Symmetry

Determined to find a solution, I scoured through countless design magazines, blogs, and forums in search of inspiration. I experimented with various layout configurations, tried different window treatments, and even considered the possibility of undertaking a major renovation to reposition the window. Despite my efforts, none of these approaches provided a feasible or cost-effective solution to the problem at hand.

Eureka Moment: Embracing Asymmetry

After months of fruitless searching, I had a revelation - what if I stopped trying to fight the off-center window and instead embraced its asymmetry? Rather than attempting to conceal or correct its position, I could use clever design tricks to create the illusion of balance and harmony in the room. This new approach opened up a world of creative possibilities and allowed me to explore unconventional design ideas that ultimately transformed the space in ways I had never imagined.

The Versatility of Decorative Elements

One of the most effective strategies I employed was the strategic placement of decorative elements to draw attention away from the off-center window and create a sense of equilibrium in the room. By introducing visually engaging art pieces, sculptural vases, and statement furniture, I was able to divert the focus away from the window and towards the curated focal points I had carefully chosen. This not only minimized the impact of the asymmetry but also added a layer of visual interest to the space.

Optical Illusions with Mirrors

Mirrors proved to be a game-changing addition to my design arsenal. By strategically positioning mirrors opposite the off-center window, I was able to create the illusion of symmetry and amplify the natural light that filtered into the room. The reflective surfaces of the mirrors helped to visually expand the space and mitigate the unbalanced placement of the window, while also adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the overall decor.

Cohesive Color Palette

Another key element in my design strategy was the use of a cohesive color palette that unified the entire room. By selecting furniture, accessories, and textiles in complementary hues, I was able to create a sense of cohesion that transcended the asymmetry of the window. The deliberate color choices helped to tie the disparate elements of the room together, resulting in a harmonious and visually appealing environment.

Symmetrical Furniture Arrangement

While I had initially struggled to achieve a symmetrical furniture layout due to the off-center window, I discovered that I could create the illusion of balance through careful placement and strategic arrangement. By positioning larger furniture pieces in a way that visually centered the room, I was able to counteract the asymmetry of the window and establish a sense of equilibrium. This clever arrangement not only mitigated the off-center window but also maximized the functionality and flow of the space.

Statement Window Treatments

Instead of trying to conceal the off-center window, I decided to embrace its unique placement by opting for statement window treatments that drew attention to its distinctive position. Bold curtains, decorative valances, and embellished rods not only added a dash of drama and personality to the window but also served as focal points that redirected the eye away from its asymmetry. The deliberate choice of attention-grabbing window treatments effectively camouflaged the off-center placement and contributed to the overall design scheme.


What started as a frustrating design dilemma ultimately led to the discovery of a clever and effective design hack that transformed my living space. By embracing asymmetry and employing creative strategies to fake symmetry, I was able to overcome the challenges posed by the off-center window and create a stylish, harmonious environment. This experience served as a valuable lesson in the power of innovative design thinking and reinforced the notion that a thoughtful approach to interior design can yield remarkable results. What was once a source of exasperation has now become a defining feature of my home, thanks to a newfound appreciation for the art of faking symmetry.

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