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Breaking Down the 2024 NFL Draft: Top Interior Defenders in Every Category


The 2024 NFL Draft is projected to be loaded with top-tier talent at the interior defender position, with a variety of skill sets and traits on display. As teams look to bolster their defensive lines with disruptive players, it's vital to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each prospect. In this article, we'll break down the highest-graded interior defenders in every category, as determined by Pro Football Focus.

Run Defense

When it comes to shutting down the run game, several interior defenders stand out in the 2024 draft class. Whether it's their ability to shed blocks, diagnose plays, or clog up running lanes, these players excel in stopping opposing ground attacks. One prospect who has risen to the top of the class in run defense is [Player A]. His combination of strength, technique, and football IQ allows him to consistently make plays in the backfield, disrupting running lanes and stuffing ball carriers. With his impressive run-stop percentage and tackle efficiency, [Player A] is a force to be reckoned with in the trenches.

Another interior defender who has made a name for himself in run defense is [Player B]. His natural leverage, hand usage, and gap integrity make him a nightmare for opposing offensive linemen and running backs alike. By consistently setting the edge and winning at the point of attack, [Player B] has established himself as one of the premier run-stuffers in this draft class.

Pass Rush

In today's NFL, interior defenders who can pressure the quarterback are in high demand. Whether it's collapsing the pocket, beating double teams, or notching sacks, these disruptors have the ability to change the course of a game with their pass-rushing prowess. One prospect who has earned rave reviews for his pass rush ability is [Player C]. His explosiveness off the snap, hand quickness, and array of moves make him a nightmare for interior offensive linemen to handle. With an impressive win rate and pressure percentage, [Player C] has the potential to be a game-wrecker at the next level.

Another interior defender who has caught the attention of scouts with his pass-rushing skills is [Player D]. His combination of power, length, and motor allows him to consistently collapse the pocket and get after the quarterback. With a high number of pressures and quarterback hits, [Player D] has proven to be a disruptive force in opposing backfields and will be a valuable asset to any defense in need of interior pass-rush help.


The ability to impact the game in multiple ways is highly valued in today's NFL, and several interior defenders in the 2024 draft class possess the versatility to excel in various roles. One prospect who stands out in this regard is [Player E]. Whether he's lining up as a traditional nose tackle, a 3-technique, or even kicking out to the edge, [Player E] has the skill set to thrive in any situation. His ability to anchor against the run, disrupt passing lanes, and even drop into coverage at times makes him a rare commodity in this draft class.

Similarly, [Player F] has showcased his versatility as an interior defender, with the ability to line up at multiple spots along the defensive line and make an impact. Whether he's bull rushing guards, looping around to the edge, or dropping back into coverage on zone blitzes, [Player F] has the athleticism and football IQ to excel in a variety of roles at the next level.


Fundamental tackling is a crucial skill for any defender, and several interior prospects in the 2024 draft class stand out for their prowess in this area. One player who excels in the art of tackling is [Player G]. His wrap-up technique, pursuit angles, and ability to finish through contact make him a reliable presence in the middle of the defense. With a high tackle efficiency and low missed tackle rate, [Player G] is a sure-handed tackler who can be counted on to bring down ball carriers in the open field.

Another prospect who has made a name for himself as a reliable tackler is [Player H]. His physicality, sound technique, and willingness to take on blockers in the run game make him a standout performer in this area. With the ability to shed blocks and make open-field tackles, [Player H] is a disciplined and reliable tackler who will be a valuable asset to any defense at the next level.


As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, the crop of interior defenders available presents teams with a plethora of options to bolster their defensive lines. Whether it's run defense, pass rush, versatility, or tackling, there are standout prospects in every category who have the potential to make an immediate impact at the next level. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each player, teams can make informed decisions when it comes to adding talent to their rosters. With the right development and coaching, the highest-graded interior defenders in the 2024 draft class have the potential to become game-changing forces in the NFL for years to come.

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