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Unraveling the Tangled Histories of Hair Styling Identities


Styling Identities: Hair's Tangled Histories is an exhibition that examines the complex and often contentious relationship between hair and identity. It delves into the histories, rituals, and cultural significances of hair styling practices across different communities and time periods. The exhibition, hosted by Hyperallergic, explores the ways in which hair has been used as a form of self-expression, cultural preservation, and resistance, while also shedding light on the pervasive impact of colonialism, racism, and gender norms on hair styling.

The Significance of Hair

Hair has always held significant cultural and social meanings across various societies. It is a deeply personal and customizable aspect of one's physical appearance, often serving as a reflection of individual identity, beliefs, and heritage. In many cultures, hair has been symbolically tied to notions of beauty, strength, spirituality, and community belonging.

The exhibition acknowledges the diverse ways in which people have engaged with hair styling throughout history. It seeks to highlight the unique traditions and innovations that have emerged from different cultural contexts, dispelling the notion of a singular, universal standard of beauty or grooming practices.

The Influence of Colonialism and Racism

One of the central themes of Styling Identities is the impact of colonialism and racism on hair styling identities. Throughout history, colonizers and dominant social groups have imposed their ideals of beauty and grooming onto marginalized communities, often leading to the erasure and suppression of indigenous hair traditions.

The exhibition draws attention to the ways in which Eurocentric beauty standards have been forcefully imposed on non-European cultures, resulting in the stigmatization and denigration of natural hair textures and styles. It also highlights the enduring legacy of racism and discrimination faced by individuals with afro-textured hair, as they navigate societal pressures to conform to Eurocentric beauty norms.

By examining the historical and contemporary implications of colonialism and racism on hair styling, Styling Identities invites viewers to critically reflect on the systemic inequalities and prejudices that continue to shape perceptions of hair and identity.

Hair as a Form of Resistance

Despite the pervasive influence of colonialism and racism, many communities have actively used hair styling as a form of resistance and cultural preservation. Throughout the exhibition, examples of hair as a site of resistance and empowerment are prominently featured, showcasing how individuals and communities have reclaimed their hair as a means of asserting their distinct identities and challenging oppressive norms.

From the emergence of the natural hair movement to the revitalization of traditional grooming practices, Styling Identities celebrates the resilience and creativity of those who have defied societal expectations and reclaimed agency over their hair.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

In its exploration of hair styling identities, the exhibition emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity and fostering inclusive representations of beauty and grooming practices. It advocates for a more expansive and inclusive understanding of hair aesthetics, one that recognizes and celebrates the rich tapestry of hair textures, styles, and cultural significances.

Moreover, Styling Identities promotes dialogue around the intersection of hair, gender, and sexual identity, highlighting the diverse ways in which individuals express their gender and sexuality through hair styling. By amplifying the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ communities, the exhibition aims to challenge normative ideas of hair and identity, advocating for greater visibility and affirmation of diverse gender expressions.


Styling Identities: Hair's Tangled Histories offers a thought-provoking and deeply illuminating examination of the multifaceted relationships between hair and identity. By unpacking the historical, social, and cultural dimensions of hair styling, the exhibition prompts viewers to confront the complexities and inequalities embedded within beauty standards and grooming practices. It calls for a reevaluation of existing narratives and encourages a more inclusive and equitable appreciation of hair styling identities across diverse communities.

Ultimately, Styling Identities underscores the significance of recognizing and respecting the diverse histories and lived experiences that shape our perceptions of hair and identity. It serves as a powerful platform for advancing conversations around representation, cultural heritage, and the enduring resilience of marginalized communities in asserting their unique and multifaceted hair styling identities.

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