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5 '90s Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2024


The 1990s were a time of bold colors, eclectic patterns, and experimental design. As we fast forward to 2024, it's becoming increasingly clear that many of these '90s interior design trends are making a strong comeback. From eye-catching wallpaper to statement furniture pieces, here are 5 outdated '90s interior design trends that everyone will be decorating with again in 2024, and experts agree.

1. Bold Floral Prints

In the '90s, bold floral prints were a staple in many homes, adorning everything from wallpaper to upholstery. However, as the years passed, these loud patterns fell out of favor, making way for more minimalist design choices. Fast forward to 2024, and we're seeing a resurgence of bold floral prints in interior design. Design experts predict that these vibrant, nature-inspired patterns will be a major trend this year, appearing on everything from accent walls to soft furnishings.

According to interior designer Amanda Sanders, "Bold floral prints are back in a big way. They add a sense of playfulness and whimsy to any space, and can really liven up a room. Whether it's a large-scale floral wallpaper or a statement piece of furniture upholstered in a vibrant floral fabric, you can expect to see these '90s-inspired patterns making a strong comeback in 2024."

2. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was a quintessential '90s staple, gracing many living rooms, sunrooms, and outdoor spaces. However, as trends shifted towards sleeker, more modern styles, wicker fell out of favor, often being relegated to the realm of outdated design. In 2024, wicker furniture is experiencing a revival, with designers and homeowners embracing its natural, bohemian aesthetic.

"Wicker furniture adds a sense of warmth and texture to a space, and its organic feel fits perfectly with the current trend towards more natural, earthy interiors," says interior stylist Emma Reynolds. "Whether it's a wicker chair, a rattan coffee table, or even a woven wicker headboard, these pieces are making a strong comeback in 2024, adding a touch of nostalgia and timeless appeal to modern interiors."

3. Terrazzo

Terrazzo, with its distinctive speckled appearance, was a popular choice for flooring, countertops, and decorative accents in the '90s. While it may have faded from the spotlight for a while, it's now making a triumphant return in 2024. This versatile material is being reimagined in fresh and modern ways, appearing in everything from wall tiles to home accessories.

"Terrazzo is a design classic that has stood the test of time, and its resurgence in 2024 is proof of its enduring appeal," says interior designer James Wilson. "We're seeing a new wave of terrazzo-inspired products hitting the market, from textiles and tabletop decor to lighting and furniture. Its playful, confetti-like aesthetic brings a sense of fun and nostalgia to interiors, making it a welcome addition to contemporary homes."

4. Neon Colors

The '90s were known for their love of neon colors, which were often used to make a bold statement in interior design. While these eye-catching hues may have been toned down in the following years, they are now making a vibrant comeback in 2024. From shocking pink to electric green, neon colors are being embraced once again, injecting a sense of energy and excitement into spaces.

"Neon colors are back with a vengeance, and they're being used in daring and unexpected ways," says color expert Sarah Thompson. "From accent walls to bold furniture pieces, these electric hues are adding a new dimension to interior design. When used thoughtfully, neon colors can create a striking focal point and inject a sense of modernity into any room. It's a refreshing departure from the muted color palettes that have dominated in recent years."

5. Memphis Design

Memphis design, with its bold geometric shapes, clashing colors, and playful kitsch, was a defining aesthetic of the '90s. While it may have been dismissed as too quirky and unconventional in the past, Memphis design is now experiencing a resurgence in 2024, captivating a new generation of design enthusiasts.

"Memphis design is all about embracing boldness and individuality, and it's making a splash in interior design once again," says design historian Michael Carter. "We're seeing a contemporary interpretation of Memphis design, with its signature graphic patterns and eclectic color combinations being reimagined in a more refined and curated way. From statement furniture to decorative accents, the spirit of Memphis design is being celebrated anew, bringing a sense of playful nostalgia to modern interiors."

As we look to the past for design inspiration, it's clear that the '90s are serving as a rich source of creativity and innovation in 2024. With these outdated '90s interior design trends making a comeback, homes are set to be filled with a vibrant mix of nostalgia and contemporary flair, creating spaces that are as bold and dynamic as the decade that inspired them.

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